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  • Important Announcement: NMCO Server error message guide.

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    How to unblock CA on your firewall or antivirus

    12-10-2017, 04:57 PM
    Its an old problem, some of the game files which are encrypted with Themida are detected by free antivirus (abbreviation AV) programs and then they are blocked from Internet or they are damaged. In this thread you can find an advice how to set your firewall or AV program and after that you should reinstall the game, please keep in mind that AV can still damage game installation during the download so please set folder exceptions for download folder before you download it and also add folder where you will install the game. Just disabling your AV wont help you most of the time because even if you disable AV he can still block or damage files.

    * Most common problem beside your game crashing or game starting problems is message "Messenger service has stopped working" just after login. This is caused when NMService.exe is damaged or blocked, make sure to set unblock and if it still happens reinstall the game.

    Unblock Combat Arms in Windows 7/8/8.1/10 firewall

    1. Click on Start > Control Panel > System and security > Windows firewall
    On left you will have an option to turn on or off windows firewall "Turn Windows firewall on and off", if you decide to take it off then you don't have to set exception but if you keep it on you have to set exception.
    2. Click on "Allow program or feature through Windows firewall" on the left
    3. Click on "Allow another program..." button then on "Browse" button
    4. Choose your Combat Arms installation folder and repeat this "Add" action for these 3 files: CombatArms.exe , Engine.exe and NMService.exe
    5. Make sure that both fields are ticked for these files and then click on "Ok" button
    * If your firewall is handled with external program it might be that your options will be disabled,in that case you shouldn't do anything there.

    Unblock in AVG

    * If your AVG AV already "cleaned" game files you can get return them by opening AVG Interface, then clicking on Options > Virus Vault, there you can find CA files and restore them.
    1. Go to Options > Advanced Settings
    2. Click on "Exceptions" and then on "Add exception"
    3. For Exception type select "Folder"
    4. Click "Browse" button and then browse to CA folder and click on "OK" button
    5. Click "OK" button once more, then on "Apply" and "OK" once more.

    Unblock in AVAST

    * In different version it will be slightly different but still basic steps are the same
    1. Get in to settings
    2. Go to General
    3. Scroll down to "Exceptions" click on it and on then on "Add" button
    4. Browse to your Combat Arms installation folder and press "OK" two times.
    Unblock in AVIRA
    1. Open avira
    2. Click on F8 key on your keyboard
    3. Go to "PC Protection" after that to "Scan" and then, finally, click on "Exceptions"
    4. There you can add CA folder
    5. Do the same for "Realtime protection > Exceptions"

    Unblock in McAfee
    1. Go to McAfee > VirusScan Console
    2. Right click on "On-Access Scanner" and select "Properties"
    3. Click All processes > Detection > Exclusions
    4. Browse to CA folder and add it
    Unblock in ESET or NOD32
    1. Open ESET / NOD32
    2. Click on F5 on your keyboard
    3. Go to "Computer > Antivirus and antispyware > Exclusions by path
    4. Click on "Add" and browse to CA folder and click on "OK"
    5. Click "OK" once more.
    Unblock in Norton antivirus
    1. Open Norton and go to Settings
    2. Under the Computer tab, in the left pane, select "AntiVirus and SONAR Exclusions"
    3. On the right pane, click on "+Configure" beside "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection"
    4. Browse to CA installation folder and check "Include subfolders"
    5. Now click on "OK" button two times
    Unblock in Bitdefender (based on version 2017)
    1. Open the Bitdefender program and go to the Protection window
    2. Click the VIEW MODULES link
    3. Select the settings icon in the upper-right corner of the ANTIVIRUS module.
    4. Select the Exclusions tab.
    5. Click on the List of files and folders excluded from scanning accordion menu.
    6. Click the Add button.
    7. Click Browse and select the folder where you installed CA to be excluded from scanning. Make sure it's excluded from Both on-demand scanning and on-access scanning.
    8. Click Add to save the changes and close the window.
    9. Click the List of processes excluded from scanning accordion menu, add the these 3 files: CombatArms.exe , Engine.exe and NMService.exe and make sure it is Allowed. After that, click Add (this will exclude it from being monitored by the Active Threat Control).

    This should cover 5 of most used security programs, in case players have a problem with some other I will extend the list.
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