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  • VFUN Summer Event

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    < VFun Summer Event banner >

    Look forward to your daily logins to VFUN with this new Summer Event!

    LOGIN your account,
    CHARGE Gcoin,
    Reach a GRADE,
    and look forward to a flow of BONUS Gcoin!

    • Instantly gain BONUS Gcoin just by CHARGING your VFUN accounts regularly!
    • Claim DAILY Gcoin BENEFIT when you advance a GRADE!
    • Higher GRADE means more BONUS Gcoin!

    VFUN Buy Gcoin Page :

    FAQ :

    1. How do I get the Benefits?
    - Charge your VFUN account to activate your Grade, once you reach certain Grades, you will instantly get Bonus Gcoin, or better yet, DAILY GCoin Benefits!

    2. How do I know which Grade I am in?
    - You can check your Grade by visiting your vWallet, you may also view the details of the Benefits you can claim there.

    3. How can I claim my Benefits?
    - Visit the vWallet page on your VFUN account and click on the "My Benefits (0)" button, you will know if there is a claimable Benefit when the counter goes up.

    Make the most of this event until September 30, 2022 PST!


    After the update, your purchases will now be deducted to your regular Gcoin first, once consumed, only then the bonus Gcoin will be used. Please take note that this is a permanent adjustment.