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    Hey Rangers!

    In case you were not aware, the Rank Match Season has already started last week. Take a look at these rewards for our Top Rankers!

    Rank Rewards
    RANK 1 to 3 - Super Elite Moderator x90
    MYST - Survival Pass EXP x7
    Combat Dice x15
    Gold Coin x15
    Rank Camouflage (90 Days)
    Mint Spy Azazel (90 Days)
    Mint Spy M590 Military (90 Days)
    Mint Spy P90TR (90 Days)

    RANK 4 to 10 - Super Elite Moderator x30
    MYST - Tarot x10
    Radiation SCAR-L (30 Days)
    Radiation UZI (30 Days)
    Radiation Desert Eagle (30 Days)
    MYST - Survival Pass EXP x1
    Combat Dice x15
    Gold Coin x10
    Rank Camouflage (30 Days)

    RANK 11 to 50 - Bastet SCAR-H Rare (30 Days)
    Bastet L96A1 Rare (30 Days)
    Bastet G18 Rare (30 Days)
    Gold Coin x5
    Silver Coin x10
    Combat Dice x10
    Airforce Package (7 Days)
    Rank Camouflage (7 Days)

    RANK 51 to 500 - Crimson Night QBZ-95 (7 Days)
    Crimson Night Tango 51 (7 Days)
    Crimson Night PP-19 (7 Days)
    Crimson Night G18 (7 Days)
    Combat Dice x5
    Gold Coin x1
    Silver Coin x10
    Boss Battle Ticket 3 x1
    Rank Camouflage (1 Day)

    Rank 501 and below - Undersea PSG-1 (7 Days)
    Undersea AK-47 (7 Days)
    Undersea M1911 (7 Days)
    Silver Coin x5
    Combat Dice x3
    Supply Crate MYST-Gear x1
    Rank Camouflage (1 Day)

    "HESITATION IS DEFEAT" - Sword Saint Isshin
    Combat Arms Operation Team