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Patch Update 03.26.19 (VALOFE Limited Guns)

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  • Patch Update 03.26.19 (VALOFE Limited Guns)

    • Server Stability
    • MA compensation: 200% EXP & GP
    • New VALOFE Limited Weapon
    • Death Cube Team race combat mode (Additional mode to the new death cube map)
    • Big Head Mode (Kill Effect)
    • DT Event and reward
    • Seasonal Ranking reset (Start of new Season March 26 ~ June 26)

    VALOFE Limited Weapon

    VALOFE Limited MK18 MOD1 Epic

    VALOFE Limited Kriss SpecOps Epic

    VALOFE Limited L96A1 Epic

    VALOFE Limited G18 Epic

    VALOFE Karambit Epic
    MYST-VALOFE Weapon (Price)
    • This Mystery box contains the VALOFE Limited weapon. You may get 1 Day ~ Permanent variation for each.
    • You can get this box by spending 499 G-coins (GC)

    o 1 MYST-VALOFE Weapon = 499 GCo 7 MYST-VALOFE Weapon = 3,318 GC (save 5%)o 15 MYST-VALOFE Weapon = 6,736 GC (save 10%)

    Team Combat Mode (Death Cube Map)
    • Team death match/mode has now been added to the death cube map
    • Players are now allowed to play as team (Alpha & Bravo) under the newest map “Death Cube Map”
    • Alpha Spawn point Cube 11 & 44
    • Bravo Spawn point Cube 41 & 14
    • Max players = 32 (16 vs 16)
    • Whichever team with most of the checkpoints before the round ends win
    • The team with most round won wins the match
    • Other team can steal the activated checkpoints of the enemy
    • Alpha Team checkpoint indicator = Red
    Big Head Mode
    • Additional effect has been added each time you kill an enemy under the mode of Big Head
    Season Ranking
    • A new season will start on March 26, 2019
    • This season will last for 3 months (March 26 ~ June 26)
    • Rewards for the new season will be improve. New item and spray design will be added to the rewards for the new season.

    K2 Season Champion Reward

    K5 Season Champion Reward

    L96A1 Season Champion Reward

    UMP 45 Season Champion Reward
    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    Why do i crash 5x when i start fire team mode nexemis labs? Plz help ONLY HAPPEN AFTER THIS PATCH
    Last edited by J3RRYGARCIA95RIP; 03-26-2019, 07:11 PM.