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Aster Gear - New World Soldier's

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  • Aster Gear - New World Soldier's

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    The New World Corporation is recruiting cyborg soldiers, code-named 'Aster', to fight against a rebel corporation, Nemexis, now hiding under the name 'NMX'. NMX is a weapon-making company that poses a grave danger to our society, and it is time to take action and eliminate this threat once and for all. Together, we will triumph over evil and create a better tomorrow.


    Aster Scouter
    New World's distinct glasses were tailored to suit the Aster Soldiers' needs, empowering them to identify and exploit their opponents' vulnerabilities.

    Headshot Protection - 18%
    Protects form Flash – 30%
    Speed - 16%
    Sprint Stamina – 16%

    MK II Aster Exoskeleton
    Designed as a successor to the Cyborg Ingram, New World's second iteration of the powered cyber suit provides substantial improvements to the user's combat prowess.

    Protection - 39%
    Speed - 15%
    Sprint Stamina – 23%

    Aster Zenith Matrix
    Designed to endure long periods of use, the New World Aster Zenith Matrix is capable of holding significant amounts of power, allowing the exoskeleton to function optimally.

    Slot - 4

    Set Effect
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    Join us in this fight, and let us ensure the safety and security of our society.
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    Combat Arms & Black Squad Operation Team