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  • Dekaron

    Hi everyone,

    I am quite old dekaron player which quit the game approximately 12 years ago, i experianced whole meisters etc. Literally i experianced everything in game as i used to play since beta tests of 2 moons during acclaim times

    I would really love to back to the game but only if you could consider open a 3rd server base on action 6... Like old mechanic, no meister skills, no weeding rings, belts, perpetus, imbalanced wings, costumes, brands . Just basing at old fashion dekaron which has a soul and demand pure skill from players.

    Action 6 has a best ballanced system ever, being full +6/7 you could easly match up against fully + 9 players.

    Quite Old player NeMe/GorQ/HumanDisaster/IzuaL what ever

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    well I would vote for action 4. I hate that aloken group mana shock sh1t show.


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      Easy to counter with fishes but still, current action and skills goes way to far..



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        I think it could be more bored than u think; i played very much time ago a private server that only got A3. There wasnt more than some basic maps and trans up skills. Was bored af. No body was connected.

        I think the nowdays dekaron is fine. The problem is there is a big gap of difference in objects, and must to be nerfed. All the characters have their own mechanics and way of fighting them, the dilemma is the items, and especially the people who spend thousands of dollars to equip themselves and widen the gap even more.