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Known Issues (Updated: 6 August 2021)

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  • Known Issues (Updated: 6 August 2021)

    Here is a list of known issues that are currently observed on Dekaron. We'll be updating this list regularly as each one is addressed.

    Game Update / Installation:
    • Dekaron desktop launcher opens wrong website.

    • Error: No Dekaron characters found on this Papaya Play account
      • Issue resolved, accounts getting this error can now migrate. If you still see this error, please contact support.

    • GameGuard Error 1015 or 1013
      • Note: Restart PC and try to launch Dekaron again or reinstall Dekaron (make sure to delete all old files before reinstalling)
    • Error Message: 600|95 or 600|93
      • Note: Logout of VFUN website and login again before launching the game.
    • Duplicate login Notice
      • Note: Try logging in again after 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes.
    • Full Server Notice
      • Note: This error appears when more than 10 Dekaron accounts are connected on the same IP. (Yes, multi-clienting is allowed. Just launch each account via the Dekaron website.)
    • Unable to switch servers at character selection.
    • "Server Disconnect" at server selection screen
      • Workaround:
        • 1. Close current Dekaron game client.
        • 2. Refresh browser where you have VFUN logged in.
        • 3. Click on "Game Start" to launch Dekaron within 5 minutes of getting the error message.
        • Note: This works for most people after the 2nd attempt, but some need more tries before the game manages to login.
    • "Server Disconnect" error when changing channels
      • Workaround:
        • 1. Click on OK to close the "Server Disconnect" pop-up.
        • 2. Wait for the "Response time exceeded" message to appear and you will go back to character selection.
        • 3. Select the channel you want and enter the game.

    • Error Message: "Your character level is too high to enter"
    • High Latency
    • Missing Migration rewards

    If you are experiencing issues other than those listed, please contact support here.
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