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  • Transfer id guide

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    As we shared before, For Lords who couldn’t create a Transfer ID during NEXON service there is no chance to transfer those accounts.

    But Since we want to help users to get their accounts back, we are giving those Lords who couldn’t create a transfer ID during NEXON service a chance.

    1. You don’t remember if your account was synced to Google, Facebook, Naver or Email.
    2. You don’t remember if you created a Transfer ID (for Naver and Email user only)
    3. Your account was a guest account.

    We at VALOFE understands your situation, and as we mentioned those 3 scenario.

    You may send the following information below to help us.

    1. Payment History (Invoice screenshot): This will be use to verify character’s information. Please send a clear and full screenshot.
    2. Server:
    3. IGN:

    If you think you are one of those users who has this issue or question. Then you may file a ticket to our support (

    Thank you,
    VALOFE Team.

  • #2
    lol already do what you told us and send to the email support. still no reply yet.
    its not our fault tho, you said its fine for facebook user to not make transfer id. yet i still cant login. it always said user id not found. did i need to post the email that i sent yesterday here? twice already and still no reply.


    • #3
      11 emails total. 11 about ‘migration for email’ log in to beable to link account and purchase restoration in settings for original ign. 6 of those included where i bought both monthly coocoo gifts (crystals $4.99 and subjugation tickets $4.99 usd plus tax) with screenshots and everything you have asked (migration id, pw, ign, server, email address, detailed description).
      Same reply to include same info again (when you do reply back to the emails that is).

      I can get into my original ign and play which is wonderful. I haven’t received what i have paid for daily or at all, but i was charged on my credit card and sent you the email screenshot, invoice #, date, email, name, etc.

      I keep posting the same things on Facebook, emails sent to you and Facebook messenger, to where i sound like a broken record. I feel like I’m being ignored as a customer. No explanations to make me feel comfortable or assured for any future of fixing this mess anytime soon.

      I will give to the end of the month. I know you are at leat ‘trying’ to fix things. Its very aggravating and frustrating to not know anything or at least which issues you are focused on first. I mean, I’m not going to buy anything with real cash until i get what i paid for.

      If i dont get ‘some’ reassurance on your focus as of right now by the end of july, i will jot be playing the game any longer, and i will report this to whoever i need to. I mean yeah, its $10, but what if i spent $50 or $100 or more a month (like i have MANY times since the game came out(lets talk thousands... yes i am a bit of a whale))?

      Just at least let people know your main priorty focus first! Not like add new events, fixing purchases, fixing log in issues, fix unknown paradise, add new content, fix this, fix that etc... I’m talking like one or two things at a time.

      I dont think the majority of us care about new content or fixing unknown paradise or compensation of crystals/gear/gold until these log in issues and real cash/card transactions are your FIRST priority. That is how you lose a lot of people, money, and support for the game. That could also lead you into legal trouble from companies in app stores and paying customers.

      I also don’t think many of us loyal players want the game to die; thats why you are getting a lot of crap right now from all over. Its a shame, I hate that for you. Communication is the key for reassurance.

      Alright, I’m done venting.

      IGN: Ro5string
      Server: Global


      • #4
        Well I never played this game but my dad is and he's currently working outside of our country. He wasn't able to create an account because it's not required for google users, so he keeps playing and after the maintenance, his account is gone. I also heard he already forgot his gmail password so it's impossible to use it as a way to recover the account, is it possible to transfer the recovered / compensation account to another google account? I already created a new one with his information.

        IGN: gaiusz
        Server: Pioneer


        • #5
          They keep offering these fixes, but I have yet to hear of them helping anyone who has emailed them. I’ve spent $15 since Valofe took over and I still haven’t received the items. I’ve contacted them several times and their absolutely horrid customer service rep (I think they have ONE in their whole company) gives me the same copied and pasted response every time.


          • #6
            lol, i cant even login thru facebook. email them a lot but no reply yet. already did all the screenshot on my previous purchase. I think this is it. cut the crap and bullshit Valofe. The transfer ruins everything. I still have 5000gems that havent been spent on yet. Thought im going to use it for next event, but you guys screw up a lot. Not even single reply from the support team. up until today it always said user id not exist. How ****ed up your team?

            IGN: Jashon9
            Server : Asian


            • #7
              Yeah Valofe you ****! , **** YOUR SERVICE!! ,,
              me too lost my account, always said 'ID NOT FOUND'
              even i do reinstall it all not work. Your Customer Service so ****!! ,,
              check your database system!!! , I think there is something wrong with your service!!!!! And your database system!!!,,
              retrive my Accout data!! ,, ASAP!!!

              IGN : レオン
              Server : Asia


              • #8
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