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Patch Notes 06/15/2021: 3rd Anniversary Week 1 (6/15-6/22)

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  • Patch Notes 06/15/2021: 3rd Anniversary Week 1 (6/15-6/22)

    We would like to inform you that the following updates will be activated on following schedule:
    ▣Schedule: • June 15, 2021 UTC
    Please don’t forget to relaunch the game.
    Login Bonus: 14 days
    Log in the game every day to receive the special rewards:
    Day 1_6/15: ★5 Special Rebirth Ticket x1
    Day 2_6/16: 3rd Anniversary Gacha 10x Pull ticket x1
    Day 3_6/17: 3000000 Gold
    Day 4_6/18: Subjugation Ticket x30
    Day 5_6/19: Soul stone x30000
    Day 6_6/20: Mana Stone x30000
    Day 7_6/21: 5 star set Equipment Ticket x3
    Day 8_6/22: Soul Gear Scroll x3
    Day 9_6/23: Bingo Ticket x30
    Day 10_6/24: Energy Potion x30
    Day 11_6/25: Perfect Gene x300
    Day 12_6/26: Hero's Mark Summon Scroll x1
    Day 13_6/27: 3rd Anniversary Gacha 10x Pull ticket x1
    Day 14_6/28: Awakening ticket x1
    [Patch notes]
    1. Cumulative Events (6/15-6/29)
    All cumulative events
    2. Buffs for these Heroes:
    Azrael: Stat Buffs (HP increase/lvl from 100 to 125, Attack increase/lvl from 23 to 30)
    Gillan: Overall Skill Buffs
    Doping: Defense increases from 2500+100/lvl to 3000+120/lvl, DMG threshold from 80% to 90%
    Drastic Remedy Base Damage from 25000 to 40000)
    Chris: Stat Buffs (Attack increase/lvl from 17 to 25)
    Mas: ATK Buffs (Attack from 142+22/lvl to 160+25/lvl),
    Hymn to Hermes buff (Increase movement effect duration from 2 to 4 turns),
    Hymn for Demeter 1 range buff
    Tao: Stat Buffs (HP from 430+71/lvl to 500+100/lvl),
    Shadowless Kick Buff (Attack decrease from 5+2.5%/lvl to 13+3%/lvl)
    Valkyrie: Field of Firm Buff (Damage Decrease from 10+4%/lvl to 34+4%/lvl)
    Ian: Stat Buffs (HP from 390+63/lvl to 450+80/lvl, Move after awakening from 4 to 5)
    Cat-and-mouse! buff (Increase range by 1 and aoe by 1, increase attack increase against Scissors-Type from 5+3%/lvl to 10+5%/lvl)
    Bomb,Meow! buffs (Increase damage from 174+7.2%/lvl to 250+15%/lvl)
    Deimos: Attack Buff (Attack from 140+17/lvl to 200+20/lvl)
    3. New Equipment Sets in Gacha
    • Date of Availability: 06/15/2021 ~ 06/22/2021
    4. Bingo Event: Hella
    5. Heroes Buffed Weekly
    The following heroes will be buffed to increase 20% of HP and Attack power.
    6. Event Shop Special Items
    Hella Gene Fragment
    Night Queen Hella
    Dragon Fighter Lance
    Reaper Chenny
    Eldrika's Gold Hand
    Eldrika's Gold Mask
    Eldrika's Gold Eyes
    7. Available at shop:
    June Coocoo's Blessing
    Super Lucky Fortune Package
    3rd Anniversary Special Coocoo Package
    3rd Anniversary Special Gift Package
    3rd Anniversary Appreciation Package
    3rd Anniversary Premium Box
    3rd Anniversary Server Festival Package
    3rd Anniversary With VALOFE I
    3rd Anniversary With VALOFE II
    Feast for Greatness Anniversary Package
    Daily Gift Package
    Weekly Gift Package
    Monthly Gift Package
    8. Special Box packages
    Chenny Special Box
    Deborah Special Box
    Dojin Special Box
    Jakyak Special Box
    Lance Special Box
    Jack Special Box
    Jakyak Premium Special Box
    Nana Premium Special Box
    Taehwa Premium Special Box
    Ryeogang Premium Special Box
    Camelia Premium Special Box
    Kai Premium Special Box
    Deimos Premium Special Box
    Celestial Premium Special Box
    Sogoon Premium Special Box
    Camilla Premium Special Box
    Amora Premium Special Box
    Heuksa Premium Special Box
    • Date of Availability: 06/15/2021 ~ 06/22/2021
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    ICARUS-M Team