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  • Mystery Dungeon

    Mystery Dungeon

    Obtaining Invitations
    Get invitations through the [Coocoo Box] in [World Conquest] and [Nephthys Dungeon]

    Access Method
    The invitations obtained through [World Conquest] and [Nephthys Dungeon] can be checked within [Inbox].
    You can access the Mystery Dungeon by clicking [Enter] in [Inbox].
    The invitation will be consumed when its expiration period passes.
    The expiration period of the invitations is 1 day 23 hours and 59 minutes.

    Difficulty Selection
    This is the menu where you can select the difficulty of the Mystery Dungeon.
    The four difficulties are Normal, Hard, Hell, and Chaos.
    For every invitation, one difficulty can be selected for play.
    You can select higher difficulties even if you have not cleared lower ones.

    Mystery Buff / Debuff
    There are various types of buffs and debuffs in the Mystery Dungeon mode.

    After clearing the Mystery Dungeon you will obtain rewards and the corresponding invitation will be consumed.
    All rewards will be delivered to [Inbox].
    If you fail to clear the dungeon, the invitation will not be consumed and will remain in [Inbox].

    The obtainable rewards per invitation are as follows.

    Invitation Reward
    VIP Invitation Gold
    Devil's Soul
    Golden Coocoo
    ★4~★6 Piece Summon Scroll
    VVIP Invitation Crystal
    Transcendence Ticket
    ★5~★6 Piece Summon Scroll
    * Rewards are subject to change
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