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  • Dark Fortress

    Dark Fortress

    This ancient site situated near Ketarh Magic School in Tezen has been left abandoned because most swords, shields, and other artifacts found in it had little or zero value. It would've been left forgotten if it weren't for the Tezen residents who recently went missing from it. Enter the Dark Fortress and learn about Deimos, the tyrant of the ancient Lagrangian Empire, and his weapons, Soul Gears!

    Basic Rules

    The Dark Fortress consists of 7 dungeons.

    A new dungeon opens every day of the week, allowing you in twice a day for free.

    You can enter it one more time by using a Key of Darkness or Crystals.

    How to Play

    Enter and place all your Heroes. The battle is carried out automatically.

    The battle continues until all your Heroes die, and there are no winning or losing conditions.

    Your score is the total amount of damage you inflicted on the Boss monster, and your battle results and rewards are based on your score.

    Guild and Mercenaries

    Your Dark Fortress score is added to your guild score.

    The guild score accumulates and determines your guild's rank.

    Your guild's rank for each dungeon in Dark Fortress is updated daily,

    and its weekly score affects its weekly rank.

    You can select the representative Hero of any of your guild mates as a Mercenary.

    Friends' and recommended friends' Mercenaries cannot be used.

    Guild Mercenaries, once used, cannot be used again until the Dark Fortress is reset.

    A Mercenary automatically accompanies you to the Dark Fortress.


    Daily Guild Raid rewards are settled every day at midnight.

    Weekly Guild Raid rewards are settled on every Monday at midnight.

    You must tap Settle to receive your reward.

    If you do not collect your reward, your previous score will be reset.

    To become eligible for a Weekly Guild Raid reward, you must play the mode at least 3 times a week.

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    How do we change back the mercenary equipment to its usual?


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