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  • Heroes' Runes

    Heroes' Runes

    Awakened Heroes can equip special items called Runes.

    Unlike equipment, Runes do not require a fixed stat for each slot and are completely customizable.

    Runes have different grades. The higher their grade, the higher their basic stats and bonus stats from enhancement.
    Runes are graded when they first drop, and their grades cannot be changed.

    Aside from grades, Runes are also split up into different qualities, and their qualities can be improved through enhancement.
    Unlike equipment, Runes do not require Refining to have their qualities improved. Enhancing Runes also increases the number of their options.

    Runes can be enhanced up to 15 times at the cost of Gold.
    Enhancing Runes increase their basic stats, but do not affect their option values.
    Runes have their quality improved every 3 Enhancement levels (if it's lower than the minimum quality for the level) and get a random option at the same time.

    Runes can be found in the Sia Continent and the Pit of Nephthys.
    You can sell unwanted Runes for Gold.

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    Thanks for the update on Hero Rune


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      Thanks for the update

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    +% hp on successful defense

    ummmm... what exactly does this mean


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      Do the stones give a bonus if they are all the same type? Like 3 Sea or three Earth?


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        all right I beat dimensional breakthrough now what


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          I am mainly interested in acquiring these special items named as Runes because having them is going to help me a lot.