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8. Strategy

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  • 8. Strategy

    8. Strategy
    1) Adversary

    • Every monster and hero has the properties of rock, paper, and scissors.
    • If you attack with an advantageous property, the damage increases by 30%.

    • On the other hand, if you attack with a disadvantageous property, the damage decreases by 25%.
    2) Terrain

    • There are 7 different kinds of terrains: Earth / Plains / Water / Lava / Poison / Swamp / Thorn
    • For every hero, there exist advantageous terrains, terrains with no effect, and disadvantageous terrains.
    If you attack in an advantageous terrain, the damage increases by 20%.
    • You can check more in details about the advantageous terrains of the heroes in the section of hero information.
    • You can distinguish advantageous terrains within the dungeons as the tiles are slightly higher.

    3) Direction

    • Damage increases by 30% if you attack at the back or at the sides by avoiding the eyes of the enemy.
    4) Cooperation

    • If there are companions within the attack range, they will help you to attack the enemy.
    • The Combo sign appears at the left side of the screen when the heroes are cooperating with each other.
    • The cooperating companion automatically uses the 1st skill.
    • More damages are done if you fight with heroes who are in the cooperation bonus relationship.
    5) Items

    • There are different kinds of items such as recovering HP, mana, and the gauge of the lord.
    • The enemy can also use these items. In order to prevent the enemies from using the items, acquire the items quickly before they can get them.
    6) Skill Tiles

    • Diverse skill tiles increase the skills of the hero such as the attack / defense / particular properties.
    • You can get them as you finish your turn by standing on the skill tiles.
    • If you dominate skill tile of enemies, obtain the same effect. Dominate the skill tile first!
    7) Portal

    • It’s a tile that you can move to any place in a map in a second.

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