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    1) World Conquest

    • This is the main story of Fantasy War Tactics where you can play through the game to fulfill lord’s dream of conquering the world.
    • Each dungeon has a main mission, and challenge tasks with the level of difficulty of ‘Difficult’ / ‘Hell’ / ‘Nightmare’.
    As you clear the main mission, challenge tasks with harder level of difficulty will be unlocked.
    • As clearing Dungeons, levels up Lord and your Heroes. Gain different items and new heroes.
    Use your heroes strategically to conquer the world!

    [Dungeon Screen]
    (1) Storyline Dungeon : Main Dungeon of Fantasy War Tactics.
    (2) Story Dungeon : Shows the Story of Fantasy War Tactics while playing.
    (3) Boss Dungeon : Boss Dungeons are marked with a skull.
    (4) Depending on how well you clear the dungeon, the Star sign is filled in a different color.
    # Dungeon’s Grades reach from B to SS. The higher your grade, the more EXP and rewards you will get.
    (SS: Red / S: Golden / A: Silver / B: Bronze)

    [Dungeon Preparation Screen]

    (1) Shows you the current dungeon
    (2) You can check your recent party and change it.
    (3) Mission content and Clear Turn amount is being shown.
    (4) You can check the number of turns you will have for the stage.
    (5) You can check the mission’s rewards and the completion grade after clearing the stage.
    (6) Through the dungeon’s board, you can share tips with other users on which strategy to use for it.
    (7) You can check the dungeon’s level of difficulty.
    (8) Enter the dungeon.
    (9) Move to the dungeon board to see the other user’s comments on how to complete dungeon or leave some useful tips.
    (10) You can check the monster’s information appeared with the score turn limits where you can get better rank when clearing the dungeon.

    [How to Conquer the World]
    STEP1. Click on ‘World Conquest’ on the right bottom side of the main screen.
    STEP2. Choose the region you want to conquer on the world map.
    STEP3. Every region consists of 12 dungeons. Progress the game by clicking the dungeon.
    STEP4. Clear dungeons to open new dungeons and new regions!
    TIP. Daily EXP and Gene Events are ongoing.
      Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
    EVENT GENE x 2 GENE x 2 GENE x 2 GENE x 2 GENE x 2 EXP x 2 EXP x 2
    REGION Verna
    Company Foose
    Vulcan Verna

    2) Nephthys Dungeon
    • Through weekly dungeons, you can collect materials for enhancements.
    • Moonlight Garden, Flame Garden, Underwater Garden
      • Can get material for EXP Synthesis( Golden Coocoo)
    • Austere Corridor, Grand Corridor, Solemn Corridor
      • Can get material for Rebirth( Rebirth Golem)
    • Weapon Storage, Armor Storage, Accessory Storage
    - Can get material for Enhancement (Orichalcon, Adamantium, Mithril)
    • King’s Bedchamber
    - Can get Mana Stone.
    • Queen’s Bedchamber
    - Can get Gold.
    • Sphinx’s maze
    - Can get many refinement materials and weapons.
    • Every day of the week, two or three dungeons are opened.
    • You can enter Moonlight Garden, Flame Garden, Underwater Garden, King’s Bedchamber, and Queen’s bedchamber three times a day. When having used the Clearance Count of the day, you can recharge by paying Crystals.
    • Energy is consumed by entering the dungeons.
    3) Lost Island1

    • This is an island where time travelers with strong power appear. It is located in the twisted time and space, randomly opened any time during two days and once in two weeks.
    • After clearing the Vulcan region of the 4th region, the Lost Island will be opened. It is a high level dungeon where you will encounter boss monsters. Also, you will be able to obtain the gene fragments of special heroes that you can’t meet in main story.
    4) Expedition

    • You can send expeditions for a certain time to different islands.
    • You can form a team of 3 for the expedition, sending one of your heroes and 2 of your friend’s mercenaries.
    • It is not necessary to form a team with a mercenary, but if you do, you can obtain more rewards.
    Tip. The stronger the mercenary you take along, the more rewards you get.
    • You can only send expeditions to regions you already conquered or are conquering at the moment.
    • Every region consumes a different amount of time. Depending on the completion rate, you can gain different kinds of rewards.

    [Expedition Menu]
    - You can form your expeditions.
    - A total of 3 expeditions can be formed at a time.

    <Rewards by Region>
    - You can check the region you can send your expeditions to and the rewards you can get.
    - You can choose the hero you want to lend to your friends as a mercenary.

    <Expedition Level>
    - You can upgrade your expedition up to level 10, which consumes Crystals.
    - When upgrading you can form more expeditions and receive better rewards.

    [How to send your heroes to an expedition]
    STEP1. Choose the hero you want to send on the expedition
    STEP2. Choose the region! Expedition departs!
    STEP3. Check your rewards when expeditions arrives
    5) Story

    • Brief omnibus dramas surrounding your heroes.
    • Depending on which characters joined you, you can read about their relationships with each other and their personal life.
    • Whenever you complete a new story, you will get great rewards like Gold and Crystals.
    • Enjoy these Sub stories while playing!


    [How to send your heroes to an expedition]
    STEP1. Choose the hero you want to send on the expedition
    STEP2. Choose the region! Expedition departs!
    STEP3. Check your rewards when expeditions arrives

    (1) Energy Flask
    - Collect energy from the Energy Flask two times a day.
    Afternoon : 12:00~13:00
    Evening : 18:00~21:00

    (2) Gold Cylinder
    - Continuously produces Gold.
    - Produced Gold can be claimed immediately.
    - By spending Crystals the amount of producible Gold can be instantly increased.
    - By claiming Gold the Gold Cylinder’s level increases, which means it can produce more gold.
    Cylinder Level Gold
    1 Level 4000
    2 Level 5000
    3 Level 6000
    4 Level 7000
    5 Level 8000
    6 Level 9000
    7 Level 10000
    8 Level 11000
    9 Level 12000
    10 Level 13000
    11 Level 14000
    12 Level 15000
    13 Level 16000
    14 Level 17000
    15 Level 18000

    (3) Mana Stone Compactor
    - You can collect Mana Stones 5 times a day.
    - By spending Crystals the amount of claimable Mana Stones can be increased.
    - Similar to the Gold Cylinder the Compactor levels up when you use it often and therefore the amount of Mana Stone you can get increases, too.
    Compactor Level Mana Stones
    1 Level 40
    2 Level 50
    3 Level 60
    4 Level 70
    5 Level 80
    6 Level 90
    7 Level 100
    8 Level 110
    9 Level 120
    10 Level 130
    11 Level 140
    12 Level 150
    13 Level 160
    14 Level 170
    15 Level 180

    (4) Genetic Analyzer
    - By analyzing unknown genes, new hero’s genes can be found.
    - Unknown genes can be found in dungeons with a high difficulty level.

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    Ummmmm im litetally just downloaded this game but when I go to play my characters are already at a high level, it doesn't seem like I'm starting from the beginning. What's going on here?? Someone HELP!!


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              Thanks for such a detailed guide.


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