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10. Battle

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  • 10. Battle

    10. Battle

    1) Battle of Honor

    • You can gain merits through 1:1 matches with other players.
    • For these battles you will be matched with a player who has a similar amount of Honor Points.
    • You can change your opponent list by changing but it has 15 minutes cool time.

    [Battle of Honor Rules]
    (1) New seasons begins every Monday.
    (2) The attacking camp is randomly chosen.
    (3) The battling dungeon is randomly chosen.
    (4) Your Lord Skills cannot be used in the Battle of Honor.

    [Battle of Honor Requirements]
    (1) You must have Honor Swords to participate.
    (2) Every hour one Honor Sword gets restored, you can hold up to 7 Honor Swords.
    (3) You must have a party of 4 characters.

    [Battle of Honor Ranking]
    (1) Your Honor Points increase or decrease depending on your performance and determine your ranking.
    (2) Every Player is given 1,000 Honor Points by default.
    (3) You can check your Battle Record.
    (4) You can challenge those who defeated you through the Battle Record menu.

    [Battle of Honor Rewards]
    (1) At the end of every Season, you will be receiving your rewards.
    (2) Your rank affects your reward.
    (3) You can receive a Participation Reward depending on the number of your participations in the Battle of Honor.

    [Honor Shop]
    (1) You can purchase gene fragments of heroes using Honor Coins earned as the reward of the honor battle.
    2) Dimensional Breakthrough

    • Challenge your strength at Dimensional Breakthrough.

    • Use all your strategical knowledge to defeat a total of 10 Users.

    [Dimensional Breakthrough Method of use]

    (1) Consists of 10 random stages.
    (2) Every stage is protected by a different opponent.
    (3) By defeating the opposing party of one stage, you will be moving to the next stage.
    (4) If you don’t like the enemies of one stage, you can search for new opponents.
    (5) You can clear the stages only once per day.
    (6) Heroes defeated on one stage can’t be used on the next stage.
    (7) For the next stage you can mobilize one of your other heroes.
    (8) For every stage you clear, your survived heroes increase 10 percent of its HP and MP.
    (9) If you click on ‘Reset’, you return to stage one and can even use defeated heroes again.
    (10) On the last stage you can’t change your opponents.
    (11) Returns to the menu when you give up the stage.

    [Dimensional Breakthrough Rewards]
    (1) For every stage you clear, you can obtain Gold, Equipment, Mana Stones, Gene Fragments, and etc. and the

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