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11. Goods

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  • 11. Goods

    11. Goods

    [FWT’s Goods and Materials]
    1. Goods
    1) Energy

    • It is a ‘goods’ that is used to enter the dungeon.
    • The maximum energy is increased as the lord levels up. Energy is restored by 1 every 4 minutes.
    • You can earn 50 energies generated from Energy Flask twice a day. (12:00~ 15:00, 18:00~21:00)
    • You can earn 1 energy when you join the Battle of Honor.
    ※ How to use the Energy Portion earned as a reward from the inbox!
    It is hidden in the material or equipment inventories, but it is bounded to the hero. If you tap the ‘Recharge’ when you don’t have enough energies, you can recharge the energy to 100% instead of crystals.

    2) Crystals

    • Crystals can be earned as the Achievement Reward, Story Reward, and World Conquest mode clear reward or purchased from the store.

    • Where to use
    (1) Purchase 1 Star ~ 5 Star Gold Equipment Capsule.
    (2) Purchase hero’s costumes.
    (3) Used in the expedition level up or complete now.
    (4) Purchase Lord Mastery
    (5) Used in the store
    (6) Expand Friend, Backpack, Material slots

    3) Gold

    • You can earn it from World Conquer, Nephthys Dungeon, Dimensional Breakthrough.

    • Where to use
    (1) Enhance equipment
    (2) Rebirth hero
    (3) Assemble or disassemble metal required for refining equipment
    (4) Reset Lord Mastery

    4) Antique Coin

    • It is a special goods that can only be earned from the Expedition.
    • Special hero gene fragments that you cannot obtain from the World Conquest can be purchased in Ancient Coins in the shop.

    5) Friendship Points

    • You can earn the friendship points from Expeditions, Mercenary, and point gift.
    • You can purchase ‘Red Capsule’ using Friendship Points in the shop.
    • You can earn various item rewards from ‘Red Capsule’ to the equipment.

    6) Mana Stones

    • Mana Stones can be used to modify or enhance the hero’s potential, the latent power.
    • You can obtain Mana Stones 5 times a day when you clear World Conquest or Mana Stone Compactor in the Lab.
    • You can also obtain Mana Stones from ‘King's Bedchamber’ Nephthys Dungeon that opens every Sunday.

    7) Honor Coin

    • You can get the Honor Coins you as a reward of the Battle of Honor at the end of seasons.
    • It can be used to buy a special heroic genes at the Honor Shop in the Battle of Honor.

    2. Materials
    1) CooCoo Monster

    • These are specialized monsters for the EXP Synthesis.
    • Use the Coocoo of the same type in EXP Synthesis, and the EXP will double up! For example, you can grow your Scissors-type hero faster by using the same Scissors-type Coocoo.
    • Higher-leveled Coocoo monsters give more EXP.

    2) Devil’s Soul

    • Devil’s Souls have 3 different types of advantages. [Rock/Scissors/Paper] and you can only select the Devil's Soul whose type is the same as your hero.
    • If you use devil’s soul for Exp synthesis, you’ll be able to receive EXP x2 by chance.
    • You cannot use 2 or more Devil's Souls at a time.

    3) Rebirth Golem

    • You can obtain Rebirth Golems which are required for the Rebirth of hero.
    • Rebirth Golem can be found in the Nephthys Dungeon.
    - Austere Corridor: Scissors Rebirth Golem
    - Grand Corridor: Rock Rebirth Golem
    - Solemn Corridor: Paper Rebirth Golem

    4) Modification Stone

    • You can change the option of equipment with it.
    • You can disassemble equipment to get materials.
    • This item has 5 different grades same as equipment.
    • You can check the status of owning stones at the right-top of equipment Inventory.

    5) Orichalcum, Adamantium, Mithril

    < Orichalcum > < Adamantium > < Mithril >
    • Materials that are used to refine max-enhanced equipment.
    • There are 3 different types of materials, and each type is used to refine different types of equipment.
    - Orichalcum: Weapon Refining
    - Adamantium: Armor Refining
    - Mithril: Accessory Refining

    • It can be found in the Nephthys Dungeon. (Weapon Storage/Armor Storage/Accessory Storage)
    • It can be obtained through equipment disassembly.
    • Its grade can be changed through assembly and disassembly.

    6) Unknown Gene Fragment

    • Unknown Gene Fragment is found in the dungeon of ‘Difficult’ difficulty or achievement reward.
    • Lab > Analyze through the genetic analyzer and identify hero’s Gene Fragments.

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