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CCC Program Description, Rules, and How to Apply!!!

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  • CCC Program Description, Rules, and How to Apply!!!

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    The Riders of IcarusCommunity Team is searching and summoning old and new valiant creative Streamers, Artists, Wiki Editors, Gaming Guides Creators, and YouTubers! The Icarus team wants to exhibit our Riders' creativity and talents for the entire community and the world to see and enjoy!!!

    Criteria & Acceptance
    Send an application via PM to the Community Manager CM/Isongaming on the Official RoI forum or DM through the Official RoI Discord.

    Forward the following information via PM/DM;
    - All IGN's and Server Names of your ROI account(s)
    - All Social Media account names (So we can tag you when posting your content)

    Type(s) of content you create:
    ▬ Fan Art from any art medium
    ▬ Guide creation or contributions to wikis
    ▬ Owner of a Fan page
    ▬ Livestreaming
    ▬ YouTube videos (tutorials, content/event showcases)
    ▬ Have something unique not mentioned above? Let us know!
    - Tell us something about why you like to create content for RoI (We want to know more about you! Be concise and as clear as possible)

    Content will be vetted in accordance with the following stipulated criteria:
    - Content must not contain excessive swearing, mature background music, or and try to refrain from discussing unsavory topics, social, political or otherwise.
    - Abide by the rules and ToA of each individual content site (YouTube, Twitch, Deviant Art, Etc.) as well as VALOFE Global ToA.
    - Streaming or video uploads from unofficial servers is prohibited and will result in the dismissal from the CCC Program.
    - A creator must consistently create content to stay in the program. The consistency depends on the form of content being submitted as each field takes a certain amount of time to produce.

    Application process
    - It generally takes up to a week to go through submission.
    - If you don't hear back from us within a week, don't lose hope. Continue to home your crafts!
    - If you feel you'd like to be reconsidered, re-apply at a later time.

    Content promotion venues
    - Social Postings FB, Twiter, Twitch, etc..
    - Discord CCC exclusive channels and @everyone mentions
    - Posting on Steam Events page for broadcasting
    - Forums posting

    Rewards and incentives
    As a content creator, you will be able to choose items from Ellora’s Shop within an allotted budget to be sent to your account. The budget varies depending on the type of content being created and/or the frequency of producing it. Users must submit quality content in order to be compensated…Quality over quantity!

    Depending on the type of content, the criteria for the reward budget will be issued as follows
    - Livestreamers and YouTuber Content Creators:
    ▬ Provided in-game items or item codes to issue to their viewers
    ▬ Issued a stipend for being a frequent streamer or content creator
    - Deviant Art Creators
    ▬ Issued rewards per content piece created (E.G. each piece of artwork created will earn additional rewards/incentives)
    - Guide Makers and Wiki Contributors
    ▬ Issued rewards per guide created (E.G. each guide created will earn additional rewards/incentives)- Review Creators
    ▬ Issued rewards per review created (E.G. each review created will earn additional rewards/incentives)(edited)

    Most Valuable Rider Role System
    MVR criteria and rules
    - Being part of the RoI Discord server
    ▬ Active member
    ▬ Total of 3 roles minimum to qualify for MVR
    - Participate in 2 or more of the featured CCC program categories (additional categories may be added in the future
    ▬ YouTuber
    ▬ Streamer
    ▬ Wiki Editor
    ▬ Guide Creator
    ▬ Reviews
    ▬ Deviant Art & Fan Art
    - Must be actively posting every month but in any case, a minimum of 1 posting per role every month it's required at all times to maintain MVR status (2 posting minimum a month if the member has the minimum roles according to rules above explained).
    - Post as well on the community forums and/or link the CCC content onto your own thread at the Fan Media sub-section of the forums (if you don't have one yet, please talk to a moderator to pin your thread).
    - This role will be visible as an independent role for all to see on the main RoI Discord Server. The MVR role will provide it's own separate incentive benefits (E.G. each piece of content created may earn in-game currency). These benefits are not fixed rewards or incentives, these will be at the sole discretion of the CM.

    The MVR content will be directly linked to the community forums at the following thread that has been previously created to boost our CCC's fan base and RoI community help alike!

    This section details what is the CCC program for those Riders that are not familiar with it and may be willing to jump in and display their own set of skills!!!!

    What is a Community Content Creator? (CCC)
    A CCC is a member of the community that's sponsored by VALOFE Global Ltd. and given incentives to continue producing content on a regular basis in an effort to help promote and highlight the creator AND the community. A CCC is someone who's already established in their respective fields and requires little or no help/management to continue doing so.

    What will a CCC be required to do?
    For the most part, you all will continue to work on content as you normally do, but you've got the added benefit of ROI backing your endeavors and offering little 'incentives' for doing so. You're helping our brand, so we want to help you. Don't feel overwhelmed or get the feeling like you need to produce more content for us. If anything, we'll give you a heads up on ideas so we can have new, fresh content when updates occur (So you're required to use only new assets in order to receive an incentive). Also, I think it's important to add that quality is desired more than quantity. We're offering incentives for fully finished works, so we will have a limit to how much content can be produced (Min: 1 and Max: 4 per category is chosen per calendar month). For wiki edits and blog entries, those will be limited to a few a month (submit the proper evidence of your work on the respective channels), also. We want to give you all enough time to produce content and to ensure it is of great quality!

    What are we "allowed" to do?
    - CCCs can carry on their content creation lives as normal, but they are required to adhere to VALOFE Global Ltd. as they will be representing and helping to boost the brand.
    - CCCs also MUST adhere to the Non-Disclosure Agreement as they might be privy to information the rest of the community doesn't know yet.
    - CCCs are allowed to offer views, subscribers and social engage prizes for helping reach sets goals! If a CCC runs a contest to reach 100 new subscribers you can raffle off a Mounts/Pets, Elluns pack, outfits or other great prizes
    - CCCs are allowed to talk about what they're doing unless we request that it remain a 'secret' until it can be released. This will not happen often. Our goal is to not disturb your usual work-flow.

    Submission rules
    - Users must post on their respective submissions channels and properly identify the time frame for the submissions on the CCC respective channels
    - Once a submission is complete, users should attach the image/data and DM CM Isongaming
    - Submissions delivered over the weekend will not be posted until the following week (CM will provide schedules according to KST/UTC times at CM discretion)
    - Submissions won't be pushed to social on 2 consecutive days. There must be at least one day in between posts.
    - The CM can post and deny submissions at their discretion.