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  • [Wizard] wizard talents

    hey all, I'm new around here... I'm playing a wizard and I just hit lvl 20 and I'm supposed to chose a talent. I would like to go on ice but I was wandering if that would be a problem later on or its not a big deal. Any wiz there that can help me? ty ^^

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    Well having switched from ice to fire and playing at level 65 to start off you need to have fire based attacks first, (Parna Coast.)
    You'll notice you have two talent choices you can use to switch back and forth. Yes this cost Elluns but if you can swing it it saves time.
    Then after you reach level 35+ you will see that ice becomes a better option when you get to the Cloying wastes.
    Now I have both options as my main talent and I switch now depending on what I'm against. Yes this costs Elluns to switch between them but later you'll find this works best.