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buy gcoins for gold?

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  • buy gcoins for gold?

    A few months ago I heard someone ask a GM about buying GCoins for gold and GM responded that it is totally prohibited.
    however, it seems that nothing is done about it or some users have immunity to do so.
    Is it really forbidden?
    How can we report it?
    same for gold sales in game.
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    Hello there! There are a lot of people that are basically misunderstanding the concept of selling gcoins for gold.

    What you CAN do, is to buy tradeable packages/items from the shop and sell them for gold.

    What you CAN NOT do is say you will buy the GCOINS for a person by using their account, or anything related to a user getting your personal information.

    There might be some services that you can buy GCOINS with it and use a code, (like a paysafe card or anything like it.) but that is it not safe as you may get scammed and the team wont be able to help you. The safest way to buy GCOINS is through your personal valofe account and buy it yourself or if you want a shop package check the marketplace.

    Now as for gold sellers, meaning people that sell gold for real life currency, that is also forbidden by policy. So please take a screenshot and any other evidence you seem fit and submit a support ticket!