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  • Mirigration

    Hey anyone know how to transfer my rider of icarus on steam account to VFUN account

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    I need to know that too


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      please someone help me about how to do migration


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        OK. First of all, be prepared to have some issues getting their attention.
        Second is you have to send in a ticket giving them your account info/login for both your Valofe account, Nexon account and Steam account info. Give them as much information as you remember(IE char names and levels and classes, as well as server.)
        Then finally, be prepared to have them maybe ignore you initially .Might have to send in another ticket referring the first one.

        They took a full month after they started this migration last fall before I got any confirmation they were working on it, Check you email for anything. That's where I saw something from one of their Techs about needing more information. For me I had two issues so it could be less time if your just wanting your Steam account to work. I couldn't use their launcher at first. and nothing from Nexon migration was working either.
        If all goes well they WILL contact you saying they had received you ticket and were busy working on it. But from this now working forums I see most are still having trouble getting them to say or respond. This tells me that this issue was more than a few accounts and they are frankly over-whelmed.

        After they sent me an email, asking for what I could remember, about two weeks later I was able to migrate my characters. Though I missed all those things I was promised from both Nexon and Valofe and never got the package they said for transferring early. Guess that means that the problems I had getting my Steam account to work wasn't something they took any responsibility for.
        I did get some compensation, but nothing like the package they said.

        I hope this helps you all out. Hopefully you fair better than most have. Be vigilant and try not to piss them off too much. also remind them you could be future paying cunstomers if they do fix your troubles.