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Migration Introduction Quest Guide by RC Conqustador

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  • Migration Introduction Quest Guide by RC Conqustador

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    Good day Riders here is a fabulous community made guide, with a step by step on how to do questline 1 to the 50th.

    This Migration Introduction Quest Guide was made by our Riders Council Member Conqustador#5394!!!

    Migration Introduction Quest
    Starts: August 28th, 2019
    Ends: February 28, 2020

    Good luck and happy hunting, Riders!

    [Side 1] NPC Ronfraine III (King) is found in Hakains Crossing in the castle NPC Stuart is in the castle

    [Side 2] NPC Crow is in the castle

    [Side 3] NPC Melvin is in Hakains Highlands in Northern Watchtower

    [Side 4] Corrupted Warding Stone is found in Forlorn Ruins

    [Side 5] NPC Azalia is found in Kellwoods

    [Side 6] All vampires can be found in Dawnbreak Woods

    [Side 7] NPC Private Trid is found in Divinity Shore Fishery

    [Side 8] Caldera Firebeak can be found in Broken Caldera (there is a side quest from NPC Frayer that will trade a mark for caldera for 2 shinning spirits, repeat 5 times)

    [Side 9] Crimson Shadewing, Destruction Mage and Sun Stone can all be found in Guardians Gate

    [Side 10] NPC Bakir is found in Sea of Hakanas in Garrison Camp

    [Side 11] Heratu and Tukan mobs are all found in The Bulwark NPC Clemence is found in Fort Zenen

    [Side 12] Ellora's Essence is found in Fort Zenen

    [Side 13] Attaius is found in Attaius Peak NPC Ku'Khat can be found Sky Farm Camp

    [Side 14] Watermellon, Carrots, and Vegetables are all found in the Cloudy Farms

    [Side 15] NPC Nicholas Cole is found in Parna's Coast in Reedwatch

    [Side 16] Firewood and Marlin are found outside Reedwatch Mitchel Salbot is found in the Garrison Fort

    [Side 17] Cunning Blue Wolf and Karrad Scout are found in the path between Reedwatch and Garrison Fort Snowclaw Wolf is found in the path between Garrison Fort and Sacred Shallows NPC Puris is found in Sacred Shallows

    [Side 18] Kill WB Chieftain Keron NPC Runaway is outside Cavern of the Veil Rescue Chapley Singer by running Cavern of the Veil (can be done in story mode) NPC Cynth Mayer is found in Farlark

    [Side 19] Kill Ienos in Lair of Ienos Defeat Rondo Terramunce in Heroic (the Quickest way is to get the daily Ienos and then run Frost Keep in Heroic then Lair of Ienos) ⠀

    [Side 20] NPC Poe is found in Tritael Rift in Maelstrom Perch⠀

    [Side 21] NPC Gillian is found in Tritael Rift in Maelstrom Perch

    [Side 22] Torch of Justice is found in Shattered Isles All Elite mobs are found in Blackhaven

    [Side 23] NPC is found near the shrines (best order to do this on is High Peak Camp, Eclipsed Shrine, Ellora's Perch, Avarice Sea and Finally The Lost Roost

    [Side 24] Grand Warlord Goraktus is found on Ethereal Flux around 900m Chaos Lord Izhora can be found in The Breach

    [Side 25] NPC Bartolo can be found in Cloying Wastes in Alseik

    [Side 26] Broken Traps and Withered Mandrake are found outside Alseik

    [Side 27] Kuharo, Narun, and Poison Jar are all found in Braghin Mine You can buy or gather the Adamantite Ore NPC Warak is found in Ellora's Spire shrine

    [Side 28] NPC Young Girl is found in Hakain's Crossing in the Market District Shakiba's Spawn is found in Shakiba's Lair NPC Claudette is found in Death's Shade

    [Side 29] Sandstorm can be found in Terminus Dunes (sky island) Wise Deva is found in Terminus Dunes NPC Herschel is found in Terminus
    Dunes Executioner Mercurius is found in Fortress of Sorrows in Heroic NPC Eindor is found in Philosopher's Coast

    [Side 30] Young Dryath are found in Ellora Sanctuary outside Ronua Camp NPC Magno is found in Ronua Camp

    [Side 31] Fallen Branches and Sequorath and Limbreth are all found outside Dragon Knight Camp

    [Side 32] Holy Pyre is found outside Dragon Knight Camp Marksman and Tracker are found in Zenus NPC Ador is found in Elven Defense Line NPC Daleroth is found in Elgaden

    [Side 33] Flowerhorn fish is found through fishing and quests (You can speak to NPC Noel at any Fishery to collect 10 Flowerhorns) Chaos Crystals around found around Elgaden NPC Slenir is found in Sunderlight

    [Side 34] Chaos Elf Catapult, Dazzling Lyra and Laosis are all found in Sunderlight

    [Side 35] Cursed Slate, Sword and Vase are all found in Ancestor's Grove Tame Torkai NPC Erna is found at Elino(edited)⠀

    [Side 36] NPC Karald is located in Windhome Canyon in Eldorr

    Side 37] Poison Mushroom & Poisonstalk are found in the Noxious Lake NPC Sermi is located in El Canin Island

    [Side 38] All mobs are found in El Canin Island Hand in Quest in Elgaden In Elloras Sanctuary

    [Side 39] NPC Fernando is found at Akrat Plains Jatulan Trading Port

    [Side 40] Item Box, Scorched Goods all found in Karrande Ruins Grim Vanguard Lakaan is found on Barter Bridge NPC Siram Lamet is found in Berakan Village

    Side 41] Kill Heretic (in a group to make sure quest gets done) Kill 3rd boss of Scarlet Harbor McTimon The Bull NPC Iruhan is located in Abandoned Watchtower

    [Side 42] Seal Corrupted Beno Kill duke elder in elder bastions heroic NPC Taraon is located in Merumi Residence

    [Side 43] All contaminated Merumi are found on the path leading to Merumi Residence NPC Ladius is found in Hastan Village

    [Side 44] Akrat Elephants are found in Elephant Habitat Stolen Sack of wheat is found in Roche Spring NPC Barten is found in Hastan Village by the entrance

    [Side 45] Mysterious Magic Circle and Grapes are found in Vineyard NPC Ju'uma is found in Hastan Village

    [Side 46] NPC Romanson is found at Titan Crash Site

    [Side 47] Plundered Medicine can be found in the Decimated Battlefield NPC Priestess Yana can be found Titan Crash Site NPC Zeromin can be found in Grand Canyon Village

    [Side 48] Colossal Staghorn can be found at Exid Sanctuary Freig can be found in the river by the Titan Crash Site Commander Salazar can be found in Salazar's Throne

    [Side 49] Imuns the Butcher & Marte are found in the Turimnan's Floating Island Akland Forest Walker can be found in Aklan Plant Habitat Snarl and Soluna can be found in Aklan Forest Kurodian is in ToW Heroic

    [Side 50] All the NPCs for this quest are in the Hakains Crossing Castle, hand in quest back to the king in Hakain's Crossing