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Scarlet Harbor 8th Boss

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  • Scarlet Harbor 8th Boss

    Bandit Leader Kaphir

    Bandit Leader Khapir was a ruthless bandit and ready to slay everyone that comes to his way. He Is known to be the greatest and strong Bandit for taming the Lion and Lioness to be on his side. He is one of the Revolutionaries officers leads everyone to their despair.

    He can’t wait to see the world burn and defeat all enemies who are against him.
    But, there are several Riders, dedicated and has a promising future for the world of Midellas. They will risk everything, raise their weapons, call their guild and invade where Bandit Leader Khapir is located.

    Once again, a new enemy arise, we have now come together for one sole purpose. Defeat Bandit Leader Khapir to restore the peace in Midellas. Who are with us? Raise your weapons and follow our lead in defeating this enemy who is always against the peace of Humanity.

    Hail Riders! Attack, defend and defeat the enemy!