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Adventurer's Heart (Riders of Icarus Anniversary Event)

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  • Adventurer's Heart (Riders of Icarus Anniversary Event)

    Adventurer's Heart!
    [July 1 to July 29 2020]
    It's time to depart and check things going around the Midellas. I heard we have missions to complete! Raise your weapon and ready to depart as we will have the adventures that we will ever have.

    NPC Lilly Penderghast
    Can be found in Victory plaza near Winfred Rabbini She is the one who will be giving your first quest for this Event.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Lily.png Views:	0 Size:	292.2 KB ID:	22807

    *Note: Quest with [Party] included in the title indicates that this quest can be done faster when you are with a party.*

    NPC Lilly has 4 Quests

    [Event] Tracking the Crazy
    • Objective
      • Defeat Yatuman's Eyes 0/10
      • Defeat Woodland Joey 0/10
      • Defeat Braghin Looter 0/10
      • Tame Brakarr Gallant
    • Reward: Penderghast Pendant x5

    [Event][Party] The "Where" List
    • Objective
      • Clear Cavern of the Veil (Elite)
      • Clear The Breach (Elite)
      • Clear The Frost Keep (Elite)
    • Reward: Penderghast Pendant x5

    [Event][Party] Interrogation.. Kind of
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Kurodian (Heroic)
      • Defeat Rondo Terramunce (Elite)
      • Defeat Carleon (Heroic)
    • Reward: Penderghast Pendant x7

    [Event][Party] What has be been Doing?
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Phantom Yatuman
      • Defeat Parna's Reindeer 0/10
      • Defeat King's Caribou 0/10
      • Defeat Akrat Elephant 0/10
    • Reward: Penderghast Pendant x13

    After finishing these quests, Lilly will give you one final quest. (Finishing this quest will lead you back to NPC Maxilliam you will need to talk to Lilly to finish this)

    [Event] Thing we found him - [Daily Quest]
    • Objective:
      • Talk to Maxilliam Penderghast <Crazy king of the North>
    • Reward: Penderghast Pendant x15

    Lilly Penderghast's Shop
    Click image for larger version  Name:	LilyStoreOriginal.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.9 KB ID:	22809
    Click image for larger version  Name:	EllunShoplily.jpg Views:	0 Size:	108.4 KB ID:	22810

    NPC Maxilliam Penderghast
    To know NPC Maxilliam's location, you have to read the last quest from NPC Lilly. In there, we have the clue where to find him.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Max.png Views:	0 Size:	253.9 KB ID:	22808

    We have 3 quests and 1 final quest to get from NPC Maxilliam Penderghast. (After returning to Lilly, you have to go back to Maximillian in order to get the quests)

    [Event][Party] Spirit of Adventure [Daily]
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Poelle 0/25
    • Reward: Gold Penderghast Pendant x2

    [Event][Party] List it all down! [Daily]
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Tundra Bison 0/20
      • Defeat Ice Venom Spider 0/15
      • Defeat Yeti Brute 0/10
    • Reward: Gold Penderghast Pendant x2

    [Event][Party] Adventure Clean up Time! [Daily]
    • Objective:
      • Clear Temple of Sands (Heroic)
      • Clear Fortress of Sorrows (Heroic)
      • Defeat Manaz'tuul <Fractura Commander>
    • Reward: Gold Penderghast Pendant x5

    This quest will be given by Maximillian and once you talk to Lilly you will need to go back to Maximillian to get the one last true quest
    [Event] It's over, It's Finally Over.
    • Objective:
      • Talk to Lilly Penderghast <Rebellious Princess>
    • Reward: Gold Penderghast Pendant x5

    This last quest that Maximillian will be given can be done once only and will never appear again.
    [Event][Party] This quest is not for you [ONCE]
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Mage Aggressor Lazart <Red Revolutionary>
      • Defeat Fire Master Hawston <Revolutionaries Blacksmith>
      • Defeat McTimon the Bull <Revolutionaries Officer>
    • Reward: Gold Penderghast Pendant x10

    Maximillian Shop
    Click image for larger version  Name:	MaxShoporiginal.jpg Views:	0 Size:	64.6 KB ID:	22811
    Title: Midellas' Fair
    • PvP Attack Rate +7%
    • Overall Attack +6%
    • Overall Defense +6%
    • PvP Defense 5%

    Enjoy the Anniversary event prepared by the Devs and GMs! Good luck! and Happy 4th Anniversary Riders!