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  • Guild Boasting 2~

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    Discord Guild Boasting Challenge!
    October 14 to October 27, 2020.

    Riders, we have for the next Discord event a guild boasting challenge! This challenge could consist of gathering old, new, and exclusive familiar as well.

    The challenge requires from our Riders to collect and gather all of the Laiku mounts on the list and if your guild wants the top prizes, your guild must have the exclusive mount, Panoku!



    - Participants must be current Riders of Icarus Official Discord Server members in order to compete in this event.

    - Eight participants per guild (one per mount).

    - NA 5 guilds will be selected.

    - EU 5 guilds will be selected.


    - Panoku

    - Golden Laiku

    - Silver Laiku

    - Riku

    - Red horn Gaadoku

    - Draku

    - Dainok

    - Laiku


    - Set all mounts with its Riders on the location of your choosing.

    - Take a screenshot of the guild participants.

    - Make sure to submit all participant’s Screenshot with the names displayed to Discord.

    - The image must not be edited in any way or the entry will be revoked.


    - Once you have your entry finalized submit it to the Guild Boasting channel in Discord.

    - Follow all the formatted instructions posted on the Discord event channel.

    - Make sure to include all participant’s Discord ID, IGN’s, and Servers with the Screenshot, clearly.

    - If the entry does not have the complete collection, the following rules apply;

    1st place no missing familiars
    2nd place a maximum of 2 missing familiars
    3rd place 3 missing familiars
    More than 3 will not be accepted at the event and the entry will be removed without notification.

    - Any entry that does not conform with the rules will be removed without notification.


    - Each participant per guild will receive the winning price according to their guild position in the event.

    1st place

    2x Braghin Treasure.
    1x Candied Apple (10 Pack)
    1x Spooky Candied Apple Talisman (14 Days)
    2x Lv. 200 Jewelry tempering stones.
    Ellun (85 Pack).
    1000 Gold.

    2nd place

    1x Braghin Treasure.
    1x Candied Apple (3 Pack)
    2x Lv. 200 Jewelry tempering stones.
    1000 Gold.

    3rd place

    1x Braghin Treasure.
    2x Lv. 200 Jewelry tempering stones.
    500 Gold.

    Judging Criteria

    - Selection of guilds will be based upon the following criteria;

    Collection completion
    50% Screenshot quality
    50% Creativity


    Participants agree to terms and conditions of the contest and understand that once submitted the respective entry the participants relinquish all rights to the materials submitted, therefore, granting the sole and exclusive ownership of the property to VALOFE Global Ltd.

    It will take a 15 day period approximately to deliver all prizes to the event winners. All the submitted entries will be evaluated and approved by the Icarus Team.