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    It's that time of the year where Darkness reins in Midellas, Put on your best costumes and obtain some candies, What about seeing the sights with the moon's sinister smile or if you're brave enough, The Haunted Manor Awaits you, Whatever you will do or Whatever you may be, Everyone is Welcome to Visit so Happy Halloween.

    Quests will be given by NPC Dyvla <Vlady’s Brother> (Location Tunnel Going to Victory Plaza)
    • New Exchange Item (Halloween Pumpkin Voucher)
    • 25 Vouchers Per Day

    NPC Shop

    [Event] It's Kinda Awkward - [Daily Quest #1]

    Defeat Carleon (Elite)

    [Event] I Know that Guy Psycheos - [Daily Quest #2]
    • Slay 15/15 Corpse-Eating Ghoul (Located in Cemetery in Hakana’s Highlands)

    • Slay 0/1 Jack the Hunter (Located at Hunter’s Cave in Hakana’s Highlands)

    • Destroy Black Magic Orb 0/20 ( Blackhaven in Tritael Rift.)

    [Event] Ooooooh baby, That's a Highlight - [Daily Quest #3]
    • Slay 15/15 Dark Sentry (just outside of Fortress of Sorrow.)

    • Slay 15/15 Fallen Dark Soldier ( just outside of Fortress of Sorrow.)

    [Event] The Manor is Open you know. - [Daily Quest #4]
    • Clear Haunted Manor [Heroic]
    • Haunted Manor can only be Entered if you have the Haunted Manor Entry Pass (Can Be Obtain through Dyvla’s Quest number 1
    • You must obtain Phantamos’s Torch so that you can enter Deathly Bed Chamber

    • Find Lucent Grenades in Mivelle’s Treasure Chests to Defeat the Reaper

    • It Will be dark so you need the torch to see
      • Blue Markers are Zombies (If seen by Zombies it Will chunk your HP)
      • Red Markers Are Traps

    [Event] The Love of my Dead Life [Party] - [Optional Quest #1]
    • Defeat Kurodian (Elite) (Tomb of the Wyrm)