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Riders Caretaker: Phoebe at your Service!

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  • Riders Caretaker: Phoebe at your Service!

    Phoebe the Caretaker Event

    *Event NPC

    Pheobe The Caretaker – She will be the one giving you the event quests and will also be the one handling the event shop.

    *NPC Location

    Pheobe can be found here at Hakain’s Crossing, but you can also find her near the entrances of the following dungeons:

    - Lavalight Cave

    - Ruins of Matren

    - The Frost Keep

    - Tomb of Wyrm

    *Event Quests

    (Daily Quests)

    1. We need a stub

    2. Time to Grind some Stubs!

    3. Purging the Plants

    (Optional/One Time Quest Completion)

    1. A Friend’s Favor they say, It’s Bribery I say.

    *Event Exchange Item

    *Event NPC Shop