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The Chaos Blacksmith: Craft Your own Zelnaris

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  • The Chaos Blacksmith: Craft Your own Zelnaris

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    We’ve received reports of an unusual anomaly within the portal to the Exarahn Badlands. There have been sightings of a burst of chaotic energy from the said location at random intervals. As soon as the intervals shortened to what seems like seconds, it lit up to be completely enveloped in a mesmerizing purple hue. I’d like to formally request that headquarters should send scouts and an additional patrol for the area.

    A few scouts entered the portal of what we expect to still be the Exarahn Badlands, however, none of them have returned thus far. I’ll keep headquarters updated if there are any developments. If possible, please send additional guards in case it’s an enemy incursion.

    We can now confirm that communication between the capital and Exarahn troops have been cut. The chaotic energy coming from the portal seems to indicate that the gate connects to is no longer Exarahn but from somewhere else. No information as to “where” it’s connected to can be reported yet as none of the scouts sent have returned.

    I’d like to formally report that the chaotic energy bursts have stopped and the portal has returned to normal. It wasn’t until a suspicious individual crossed over the portal did the chaos infused energy surrounding it vanished almost immediately. We’ve detained and interrogated him for a while now but he insisted that he’ll only talk to a rider. Please send anyone that’s able and ready when headquarters can.

    – Exarahn Gate Captain Jakub Final Report

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