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  • Discord Swagger Event~

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    Riders Swagger Event
    June 30 to July 6, 2021

    Greetings Riders, this is a quick and cool event is to show off where are those Gcoins and time going!!!

    The Swagger event goal is to display your character stats and show the competition HOW is this DONE! It is our hope that you enjoy this quick event and motivate others to engage more into the #ROISWAGLIFE and kicking Cractus Shadows … well beating him solo or with friends!


    *How to Participate

    - Login into the game

    - Find your character with the best stats

    - Snip the character window as shown in the example below

    - Post it in RoI Discord (following posting rules)

    - Muted or Banned accounts are not qualified to participate on any Riders of Icarus discord server present or future events

    * Posting Example
    Click image for larger version  Name:	SEtroll.png Views:	517 Size:	317.8 KB ID:	28785
    ***NOT real information is just an example***


    * Everyone can participate in this event

    - Participants must be current Riders of Icarus Official Discord Server members to compete in this event.


    * Login to Icarus Discord Server

    * Submissions format can be found at the #swagger-event channel on Discord

    * Enter your IGN, Region, and Server

    * Enter your event entry Snip

    Judging Criteria

    * 50% Screenshot attractiveness

    * 50% Quality

    Winner Prizes

    * 50 Ellun (pack)

    * 500 Gold

    * Taming Success Booster (3 pack)


    Participants agree to the terms and conditions of the contest and understand that once submitted the respective entry the participants relinquish all rights to the materials submitted, therefore, granting the sole and exclusive ownership of the property to VALOFE Global Ltd.

    It will take a 7 day period approximately to deliver all prizes to the event winners. All the submitted entries will be evaluated and approved by the Icarus Team.