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Ellora's Trials (Group Spire)

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  • Ellora's Trials (Group Spire)

    Ellora's Trials
    1st Major content update made by the VALOFE Team. Ellora's Spire (3-Man Party Spire)

    Here are the key points that you needed to know before entering the Group spire:

    1. Group Spire can only have 1 up to 3 party members.
    2. Only the party leader can use transit shrines.
    3. There are 20 floors that you need to beat.
    4. Other rooms for the tower requires achievements to be accessed.
    5. Transit Shrines can be used one-time per entry.
    6.Once the party leader disbands the party while inside the tower, the 2 party remaining members will be kicked out on the tower.
    7. There are 2 quests before entering the tower. One is party and one is solo.

    The monster and boss of each floor is stronger than the spire tower that is currently in-game.
    So, the party is needed on reaching and finishing each floor of the Ellora's Trials.

    Goodluck Riders! and make your way to the top!