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[UPDATE] Missing Characters

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  • [UPDATE] Missing Characters

    Greetings Riders,

    We are collecting information for the Character loss issue. Please provide the information by sending a ticket to VALOFE.
    Follow the format for us to have a record of your character issue.

    VFUN ID:
    Character names:



    VFUN ID: Phoebe
    Character names: GM Phoebe
    Server: Baellas
    Platform: VFUN Launcher

    VFUN ID: Phoebe
    Character names: GM Phoebe
    Server: Akaldus
    Platform: Steam

    Thank you for cooperating with us and we will expect information sent to the VALOFE ticket Support.



    Greetings Riders!
    Here's an update regards to your character loss issues. Please read below and check your accounts if you have your characters back. For those players that needs to contact the CM, then contact CM to get information. Thank you

    The following VFUN ID is done with the checking and will be able to see your characters. Please log in on the designated platform
    • Starwinds - Steam
    • awolnate212 - Steam
    • Heartstriker -Steam
    • Chigors -Steam
    • Mystykat - Steam
    • rabrown522 - Steam
    • NyneOliver - Steam
    • Tazmonster - Steam
    • jpoldmaa - VFUN Launcher
    • thewildone11 - VFUN Launcher
    • channa - VFUN Launcher

    The following VFUN ID should contact the CM Athena for double-checking. You can send a DM to her discord account CM Athena#0762
    • Helbakielow
    • ChikaVip
    • powerguard01
    • Explorer48
    • ysyear
    • Seraphinix
    • Skyronox
    • SilverCrownG
    • Bloodstone88

    The following Accounts are not yet done with the migration, please do migrate your account so that you can play the game.
    • VirusT3
    • Silfox
    • Tobias084
    • AnnieEnddy
    • Catylova
    • dracoski
    • realramses
    • albatroozz27
    • Shadoezi
    • iKnightZz
    • EnforcerTR
    • Donser
    • ninja57
    • wukong221
    • Moonbird08
    • Olabatz
    • flamephox
    • LadyMage005
    • jacadir80
    • Phantasom
    • manthos14214
    • Grillitto
    • meddowstar
    • doubabyyahoo
    • gmendes14gm
    • elriky414
    • bdidi3101
    • nicchikuh2
    • Aonox3
    • Halfat10
    • Tensai98

    This has been checked by the developers and if there are still players that can't see their accounts, please do send a ticket to VALOFE Support for the developers can check your characters.

    Thank you
    -ICARUS Team