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Name Change

The name change feature is now available in the game. You can buy the name change voucher in the Ellora's Shop starting February but for now, we are giving away 1 Name change Voucher for the Parna Server only. This is to change their names with _LA after their original name of their characters.

Here's the guide on changing your names.

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1. Locate NPC Edie (The Beautician) in the Hakain's Crossing, Market District.

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2. Choose the Character Name Change option

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3. A new window will pop up where you can enter your new name.
  • Disclaimer
    • After changing names, your previous name cannot be use by you in a period of 2 months.
    • Previous name cannot be used by anyone in period of 2 months.
    • After changing name, you will be prompted to character selection with a successful name change.
    • Always click verify button first to see if you have the same name with your server or not.
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4. There will be a pop up window will display if the character name that you want to verify is already in use or not. Please do remember that you cannot use spaces in changing names.

That's all with the name change guideline!