Greetings Riders,

We have found that the disconnection issue is due to gameguard. For us to help the developers in fixing this issue, we want the community to cooperate with us on sending their ERL Files on discord or DM GM Taiki if you are not on discord.

Send the zip file of the ERL files in the channel #erl-files-channel
Send the zip file of the ERL Files and message it to GM Taiki#0570

You can find your ERL files in:

- bin64/GameGuard/ for windows X64

- bin32/GameGuard/ for windows X86

How to make a zipped file:
1. highlight all ERL Files
2. right click the highlited files.
3. Choose compressed zipped folder
4. send the zipped file folder to GM Taiki or #erl-files-channel

We will wait for the files in the discord. Thank you for your cooperation.