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Riders of Icarus: Official Launch date of P2E Content Update!

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  • Riders of Icarus: Official Launch date of P2E Content Update!

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    Greetings Riders!

    Everyone Is eager to know the details about the P2E. We have received plenty of support and appreciation where Riders of Icarus took this path. As we promised, this announcement will contain a lot of information for the upcoming P2E system and content update. Let’s get started!
    P2E means Play 2 Earn. Where you play the game and at the same time earn something out of it. This newly added system in-game will help the Riders in their journey to become one of the greatest and powerful Rider in Midellas.
    As the developers and Game Master is working together to give you the best experience of P2E, we are excited to tell you that the Riders of Icarus P2E launch will be on June 15th, Wednesday.
    We welcome everyone with the following new content updates and rewards:
    • Manastone Battle
      • we have added the Lucid Stone (an exchange item to get RIA to exchange to WeMix coin) as a reward.
    • New Dungeon: Draconian’s Hideout
      • This new dungeon will test your strength; the more points you get the harder the dungeon gets! Most of P2E related items and new weapons will be dropped in here.
    • New Weapon: Fenris Weapon
      • New weapon is added for all the classes. It can be crafted, can be honed, transcend, temper, and more.
      • The Fenris weapon materials drops in the Draconian’s Hideout.
    • New Familairs
      • Snaut the doctor’s degree
      • Snaut the master’s degree
      • Blooming Wisteria
      • Curion
      • Glacer
      • Cold-blooded Fabulion
    • Mining/Gathering
      • P2E system is related to gathering and Mining stones.
      • There are 5 rarities of Lucid ores that gives out different amount of stones once it mined.
      • You can choose an option whether to Auto mine or Manual mine.
      • We have an Item called “auto mine” where you can leave your character mining automatically for hours or days.
    • New Events – below are the events that we will be providing to welcome new, existing, and returnee players to try our new update. Click the Air drop event name to get details of the event.
      • Air Drop Event 1 – Mining Lucid Stone Experience Event
      • Air Drop Event 2 – RIA Casting Event
      • Air Drop Event 3 – Max Level Achievement Event
      • Air Drop Event 4 – Returning Users Event
    This is so exciting! For additional information, you can only mine/gather in the following places:
    • Instance Dungeon Paradise Island – there will be lucid ores to gather or mine inside this fishing spot. But this will be only for a short period of time.
    • Exharan Badlands
    • Stygaea
    That concludes all of the information we have for everyone! Take note, this post is solely for the Launch announcement of P2E and most of the detailed information with screenshots will be shared in another post. Please click the links to check the information for the P2E System and EventsLet’s keep this exciting feeling and wait till we launch the P2E update on June 15th, Wednesday. See you in-game, Riders!
    This is CM Athena, your Community Manager!