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[GM Notes] New Map Magmapora Introduction

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  • [GM Notes] New Map Magmapora Introduction

    (Click here to visit the Official Home Page)

    The beginning of a New Adventure on an unchartered territory. Unveil the untold secrets of this foreign land where the landscapes
    have been forged by the flowing lava. Discover a new set of equipment that transcends
    legendary bounds. A new dungeon where you can unearth secrets and a new
    type of fellows that can withstand the heat of Magmapora.

    Those who are not Crokhoons will not be able to endure the blazing heat of this region without a protection
    so watch out for the Feiry of MagmaPora: a debuff that will slowly drain your health.

    Crimson Furnace

    Crimson Furnace Village is nestled within Magmapora, a volcanic-themed region renowned for its treacherous
    lava flows and molten rivers. The village is perched on the edge of a colossal volcano, surrounded by
    steaming geysers and molten rock formations that give it an otherworldly
    allure. It is inhabited by Crokhoons which are known as the
    Great Artisan of Midellas they have been blessed by the God of Fire to withstand the heat of MagmaPora

    The Abandoned Mine

    The Abandoned Mine is a unique and captivating addition to the Magmapora expansion of Riders of Icarus.
    It offers players an opportunity to experience the duality of beauty and danger that defines this volcanic
    landscape. Your journey into the mine will test your mettle, forge bonds with fellows, and
    reveal the secrets of a place long forgotten by time.

    The Illusionary Forest

    The Illusion of Forest exudes tranquility, but it also presents formidable challenges. Hidden within its depths are new
    monsters and trials that will test your skills and courage. Coordinate with fellow Riders to overcome these
    obstacles and earn coveted rewards, proving your mettle to acquire
    and uncover the mystery of the Princess.

    The Crimson Forest

    The Crimson Forest is a breathtaking oasis of life nestled within the heart of Magmapora's tumultuous volcanic terrain. Here,
    life flourishes in defiance of the relentless heat and molten fury that surrounds it. Towering trees, adorned with leaves of
    deep crimson, reach toward the skies. Crystal-clear streams meander through the forest, providing a sanctuary for
    the exotic creatures that call this place home.

    To learn more about Magmapora please visit the following pages
    Official Home Page:
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