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  • P2E System Update

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    Greetings Riders!

    Riders can now exchange Lucid Stones to Rania Tokens, and Rania Tokens to Princess Coins using the WeMix Wallet.

    To get Lucid Stones, Riders can now mine Lucid Stone Ores in Exarahn Badlands, Stygaea, and Paradise Island.
    Take note that aside from the Lucid Stone Ores in Paradise Island, Lucid Stone Ores disappear and reappear around 3:58 AM to 4:00 AM UTC to regain health~

    Riders can use Princess Coins to get the new mounts: Snaut the master’s degree and Snaut the doctor’s degree!
    Click here to see both Snaut’s stats: <link>

    Aside from the new mounts, Princess Coins can be used to purchase tools for mining automatically, potions and a talisman that will boost a character’s growth and packages that contain Exalted armor and weapons that can be equipped at level 50. Exalted packages contain items that will last for 30 days and cannot be tempered, but the stats are high~

    Princess Coins are also used in tempering and reverse tempering the new Fenris weapons and sub-weapons.
    Click here to see the new Fenris equipment: <link>
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    For a limited time, players may obtain Lucid Stones in Paradise Island! Paradise Island can now be entered by characters who have reached Level 30, and Riders can stay there up to 90 minutes. The Paradise Island Fishery Entry Pass can now be purchased for 1 Ellun, so Riders will have an easier time visiting and relaxing in paradise~

    Click here for more details of the P2E System: <link>