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Ellora's Shop Update November 18, 2020

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  • Ellora's Shop Update November 18, 2020

    They say clutter is a bad thing and we say that too, So we have Reconstructed the Ellora’s Shop so that you can find the items you’re looking for easily and efficiently. The new and improved Shop will be more organized for your needs and it will be a great experience for you as players.

    The Shop will now have less tabs and all of the tabs will have their corresponding Items in them, there will not be loose Items in other tabs.

    (Because we got a lot of Feedback about that)

    The Event Tab will show up when there is a Sale Event that will be occurring

    And it will disappear afterwards.

    Tabs Overview

    -Prestige: This is where you will find The Elluns and Premium Services

    -Utility (E): This is where you can buy items such as Adventure Point potion, Premium Feed etc. with Elluns

    -Utility (G): The Tab is the same as the previous one, but the items can be bought with Gcoins.

    -Lucky Box: This is where you can find the Lucky Boxes that you want to take your chances on to get some awesome Goodies.

    -Packages: This tab will provide all in one packages for your needs, Ranging from awesome to Epic!

    -Cosmetic (E): If you want to dress up, this is the tab for you, You can buy cosmetic items here with Elluns

    -Cosmetic (G): If you want to turn heads with your new suit or costume or maybe that new shoulder bird you always wanted, Look here, Items here can be bought with Gcoins

    -Familiar: Do you want a new Mount or maybe a new pet? Maybe that awesome golden flying dog that you’ve been searching for, They might be here.

    -Special: This tab will be used for items that you need for your quests or exchanges with an NPC, Ask Phoebe she needs those stubs inside the special Tab.

    Info on New Packages, Lucky Boxes and Sales!

    If a new package or lucky box has been added they will be put in their own corresponding tab, no more looking for new items in other tabs, because our goal in this is Organization, You don’t like the clutter and We don’t like the clutter too, That’s a win-win situation!

    Cash Shop Update!

    We have new Lucky Boxes and Packages Waiting for you!

    Packages Galore!

    Crow’s Essential Package

    Crow’s Essential Lucky box (3 Pack)
    • Contains 3 Pieces of Crow’s Essential Lucky Box

    Crow’s Essential Lucky Box (10+1 Pack)
    • Contains 10 Crow’s Essential Lucky Box
    • Shining 50% Mythical-exclusive Tempering Stone

    Turkey Chicken Package (Can be found in Phoebe’s Shop)
    • Contents

    Do you Feel Lucky?

    New Lucky boxes are in the shop and you might get a chance to get Puff or Even the Faster Bird on the planet *wink wink*

    Crow’s Essential Lucky Box Contents

    So what are you waiting for! Check the shop out and Enjoy the Decluttering

    Questions, Suggestions and Feedback are welcome, Just Message your GM’s





    And we will take into account your messages.

    Soar High Riders!