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  • Bug Reporting

    Greetings Riders,

    Please follow the next steps in order to properly file a customer support ticket;

    1- Sign-in to your Vfun account
    2- Go to Support
    3- Select in the Game option Riders of Icarus
    4- Choose the Category corresponding to your reason for contacting support
    5- Brief description of the Subject
    6- Description - add as much information and as clear as possible in this section.
    7- Attach File - Screen Shot(s) or Video about your subject. Additional ideas to help to describe the subject more accurately
    - UI
    - Weapons
    - Crafting
    - Gameplay
    - Combat

    For in-game exploits please submit them to Customer Support instead of posting it on Discord.
    Please be as specific as possible with the details of the exploit, including how you can reproduce it and following the same steps 1-7 posted above.

    As a final note, we may not respond to every single bug report, but we will be investigating all as we receive them and in the order of which were received.