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  • Shards of Creation Event

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    Shards of Creation

    After the four gods and goddesses created the world, remnants of their energy were cast out due to the immense power used.
    Thousands of years later, shards from the time of creation has now circled back to the world and is now ripe with raw energy from whence the universe was born. Some of these shards are strong on their own with it’s defense mechanism but some are weak enough to be corrupted by the forces of Ruin. Meanwhile, a local archaeological team was able to discover a lead within the Emberstone Golem and has asked the riders for help.

    The fallen legion has eyed these shards for hundreds of years already and have sent their best. Fortunately for them, the shard's very essence and vulnerability to corruption has empowered the fallen legion and transformed them to their primal state.

    Will the riders take the power for themselves or defend and keep it from going into the hands of evil?

    NPC Angela

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    A new event created by the developers to make your dungeon run worth it~
    The new event is set to Lavalight Light Dungeon. Check the rules and mechanics of the event below.
    • Players must defend the Shards of Creation from being destroyed.
    • Boss is summoned around 5-10 seconds after the Dungeon Boss is killed.
    • There will be a wave of monsters being summoned every 30 seconds, max 3 waves.
    • Players must interact with Corrupted Shard scattered in the dungeon.
    • Once all 3 Corrupted Shards are cleansed, players must kill event boss one last time to finish the event.
    • It is advised that the event must be done by at least 2 players.
    • Event Quests Are Daily Quests. You can only finish them once a day.
    • The Event Boss Tartarus keeps respawning and this is a known issue.
    • You must find NPC Angela to get your quests. She is located at the Victory Plaza, Hakains Crossing.
    • Get all the quest in order to activate the Shards of Creation Event. If you did not get the quest, event will not go through.
    • The Event quests should be done in Legendary Lavalight Cave only.

    QUEST in Lavalight Cave Dungeon ONLY

    [Legendary] Primal Assault
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Primal Obsidian Gargoyle 0/3
      • Defeat Primasl Fallen Enchantress 0/3
      • Defeat Primal Fallen Knight 0/3
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    [Legendary] Shard of Creation
    • Objective:
      • Defend Shard of Creation
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    [Legendary] Tartarus Ascends
    • Objective:
      • Defeat Primal Tartarus <General of the Army of Ruin> 0/3
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x2

    [Legendary][Party] Shards
    • Objective:
      • Defend the Shard of Creation
    • Reward:
      • Fragment of Creation x1

    Game Mechanics
    • Once you get all of the quests from NPC Angela. You may now party up with other players. The party should be consist of at least 2 people.
    • Once you gather your party you can now go ahead and run the Lavalight Dungeon.
    • Upon defeating the Dungeon Boss for Lavalight Cave, the Boss and the shards will appear.
      • One or more players should protect the shard of creation from Waves of Enemies.
      • One or more players should cleanse 3 Corrupted Shards that are scattered throughout the dungeon while the other members of the party are protecting the Shard of Creation.
      • After Cleansing all 3 corrupted shards, Defeat Primal Tartarus one last time.
    • After finishing all quests, go back to angela and received your rewards.

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    Defeat the boss and his minion and defend the crystal.

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    While the other members of the party is defending and killing the boss, there should be ONE member trying to find the crystal shards to cleanse them. there are 3 crystal shard around the dungeon to cleanse. if the crystal shard are not cleansed then the event will not end (Boss will not be defeated).

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