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Greetings to you all Riders!

We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience from yesterday's update.
As we performed an emergency maintenance earlier, we have prepared items for you as a compensation.

We have sent you one of each items.

Warp Pass: Stygaea
Ward Pass: Hakain's Crossing
Ellun (10 Pack)
Tamago Sushi (3 Days)
Heart Aura (3 Days)
Party Health Recovery Tincture
Party Mana Recovery Tincture
Familiar EXP Potion (50%)
Legendary Familiar Seal Token
100% Familiar Energy Recovery Potion

Kindly check your Ellora's Storage Box and please confirm that you have received the items.

You can now continue playing and enjoy the newly update features from our latest update!
Goodluck and have a good day!