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Greetings Riders,

It's been a pleasure to have everyone's support for this service. We have appreciated all SEA players who has been with us for almost a year.

It's great to have a journey with you riders but things has come to an end.

Please do take note the following dates below as your guide.

1. Cash shop will be removed on July 7th, 2022. You will not be able to purchase anything in the shop after the July 7th Maintenance.

2. There will be no migration of accounts to the Global service.
The client of SEA Service is different from Global service that's why there will be no migration or any sort of transfer.

3. Lastly, SEA's Service Termination has been moved to August 4th. So you still have time to play and enjoy the game!

I hope everyone had fun with us GMs in this service. We, ICARUS SEA Team thank you wholeheartedly for this past year that we have been together.

We have raised our white flag to inform everyone that we will be retreating but the journey with you has been memorable and the GMs will treasure and cherish it.

4. For any inquiries, Click <here>

It's not a goodbye but see you around.

This is ICARUS SEA Team signing off.