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  • turrets

    Valofe, what have you done, You did bring back the turrets in the game. When Nexon decided to get rid of the turrets we where so happy. And now there back...……...shame.
    Change the restrictions in a way a player has to choose for a turretgame and not the way around. like it is now. I know there is a restiction option for special weapons, but when you joine a game most of the time the special mode is of. With all those turret in the game you can not run around. You get only static snipergames. And I remember we own in the past turrets, Nexon did put theme away, that was a good thing. We where very bad compansated for the ownership of our turrets. Now the turrrets are back and we have to pay for it again……… weird is this world.

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    I don't think there's any point in adding a "no X" option for one specific item. They should just implement a proper item filter to the room options, players have asked for this since day one. /problem solved

    Sadly I don't think that Valofe is ever going to do that just like Nexon never did. The only thing we can do at this point is hoping that they reintroduce the M32 Grenade Launcher as a permanent addition to the shop just like they did with the Medkits as this weapon excels at clearing stuff like minefields and turrets (OMA is essentially unplayable because of these things).

    Too bad that I can't see that happening either as they generally rather want to make a quick buck by shoving new / returning items into RNG boxes instead of thinking about the games health. Now it's not as bad when they do it with items like the Minigun as they generally don't have as much of an impact however I doubt that they understand / care about the difference but hey, maybe they're going to prove me wrong this time (probably not tho).