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Weapon Mods, renting weapons, etc on Combat Arms Reloaded

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  • Weapon Mods, renting weapons, etc on Combat Arms Reloaded

    Haven't played for a while, and when I do I play for very short periods of time. After a while off the game I realized it changed not only to Reloaded but now to another company. How do you rent weapon modifications like you used to do before? For example, scopes, stronger bullets, larger magazines, vests, face protection, etc.

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    You don't. It was a removed feature.


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      Originally posted by Foofoo14 View Post
      You don't. It was a removed feature.
      It looks like it was a removed feature, however how come the shop still sells scopes?


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        Weapon Customization (Piston, Barrel, Trigger) via the Gun Emporium where you use Customization Parts to upgrade your weapon is a removed feature.

        Weapon Modification (Suppressor, Scope, Magazine, Bullet, Precision) is still available in the shop. You will just have to use the filter function.

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          Thank You for the help and the answers. Another quick one, I guess they have also removed the option of exiting the current game and changing your gear without leaving the room? I used to be able to change weapons without loosing my spot on the room


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            Yeah unfortunately you will have to leave the room in order to change equipment.