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Reloaded UI/HUD Community Feedback & Suggestions, Stand Together!

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  • Reloaded UI/HUD Community Feedback & Suggestions, Stand Together!

    Hello Rangers!

    DaLastOne , OverConfidence and @vB_Leader came up with an idea of getting YOUR feedback and suggestions together to help improve the current UI (User Interface | Menu) & HUD (head-up display) of Combat Arms: Reloaded and to show the Team what we would like to be done to the UI&HUD. What do you dislike about the Reloaded and Classic UI&HUD? What do you like about the Reloaded and Classic UI&HUD? Show us some Screenshots of other games UI&HUD and what you like about it. You may message any of us with your ideas or comment below. The plan is to show Valofe what we, as a Community can do and accomplish.

    Let's do this!
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    On reloaded there needs to be a global lobby chat.


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      Thanks for the suggestion!

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    You guys want feedback about the HUD/UI? Well, this is solely about Reloaded but:

    - I don't like that I can't use the launcher to log into the game. The login doesn't even have a "remember me" function.

    - my biggest complaint overall is probably the lack of a borderless windowed mode

    - also whats with the "maximum number of favorite items": Click image for larger version  Name:	tEVhQ5S.jpg Views:	1 Size:	41.1 KB ID:	12480

    there's clearly some space left so c'mon Valofe

    - unlike in the shop you can neither sort nor search through your equipment when you're in your inventory which is clearly a quality of life issue that should be addressed later down the road

    - certain objects and menu windows seem to scale poorly depending on the resolution leaving the player with either big empty spaces or menu windows wich are far to big for their own good, being able to manually readjust how big the displayed content is and how much space the windows occupy would be great

    - HUDs I like? I guess I like the Borderlands 2 one: Click image for larger version  Name:	Borderlands%202%20image%201.jpg Views:	1 Size:	667.4 KB ID:	12478

    It's not really cluttered and you can see all the important stuff just fine but unless it makes the game hard to play I'm generally not really picky about this kind of stuff

    - that being said an option to change between the "Classic" and Reloaded HUD would be very much appreciated

    - this is more of a general complained but I guess it has to do with the HUD so: change the way how different crosshairs work in this game, I don't have any problems with the fact that you have to buy them but at least make them unlockables for the game options (the same goes for the different colors if you want to be stingy about it)

    - this one is not really a problem for me personally but some of my friends complained about how high pitched the menu sounds are so an option to adjust them would be nice

    Other then that? I guess I'd like to see your overall KDR vs. your friends (as in remember how you can see your KDR vs. a specific player during a match?), just replace the match specific KDR with the overall KDR if you're playing against your friends but that's abut it from my part.
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      Thank you for the very detailed response!

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      Well, it's nothing much obvious of CA:Reloaded nor CA:Classic to have an awesome game-play debate. Your only too change the little things of CA-Games but, never the big things. Nothing of CA ever comes to a better idea other than every once in a blue moon. Basically once in a every Red Moon which is rarely ever a Blood Moon. If you really want to make a Community and, help fix it. We can start with other than Bugs that's nearly always but only (In Time) to be fixed. There are more to the game that makes the gamer's have a less Extremely appreciable game-play. In-Game Cheats are constantly used and, rarely anything is to be done about it. Report doesnt work as well, to video a hack or any cheat used takes up your ping by 200-600 which makes the game entirely laggy and, hard to spot a hack due to the constant of every 4 seconds or less it lags. Screen snaps only prove kills. Valofe should make a detectable app that detects flicts of the guns and spread which if inaccurate, then it'll make it easier for them to spot hackers/cheats used. The Aimbot follows players so it's obvious to easily spot hacks if you get such a file that reads and detects certain unusual, suspicious things. Nothing proves of Chams ( being able to see through wall) due to the fact that you could never see anyones screen. If it was possible for a player to be reported of such and, everytime a player is reported (Screen-Snaps) are taken from the account of the gamer who has been reported allowing Valofe Staffing Members to see their screen rather it showed tags or colors. Might be impossible due to people crying about privacy invasion. But however, for the great part of (Hack/Cheat Spying) is to make a file inside CA that reads, records and detects every movement which Aimbots Flicts when used. If possible to make as (Runescape "Jagex" Game Corporation) has made one and, it works pretty fine and, detects how often something is clicked in one spot. Therefore if it was metal-Aimbot (It should shoot in only one location but the bullets will spread always but, there will always be the same point of where the point of the aim is always located. Legit players will be shown in random places. Aimbot users will be in one spot. And, if the hacks was to be remade to aim randomly it'll still popup as in certain spots within a certain number of times, seconds and shots. If Valofe cannot make that happen, they should just create hacks themselves and, sell them as other people do. If they can and, do attempt to create this then, they'll be able to pull a large number of people who desire a real nicely made fair game and, the views, ratings and number of member/users will enlarge. Afterwards they'll make enough to host contests for money allowing every player to join the special events and, it'll help the real bests players be known all over CA. They'll have much relief and they'll be worry-less ------ Take your time to Reply and let me know what ya'll think of that.. Thank you all! -EnChantism.


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        Hm... since I play on Reloaded. What I would want from the UI and specifically the home page. A moving away from the dark background? For example with the background of the character instead of it being a generic black warehouse-looking image. Have it cycle through a background of the maps in-game.

        The main things that need to be improved on are:

        * Font legibility: Make fonts a bit bigger.
        *Background outlines need color. And a refresh.
        *You've committed a cardinal UI sin of having dark-colored fonts on a dark background. Much like this forum right now.