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Hotfixes/Buff/Updates that should be done part 2

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  • Hotfixes/Buff/Updates that should be done part 2

    *combat arms general and vfun launcher + some hotfixes*

    i will give a whole list of hotfixes and fixes that should be have done and needs to do

    Speed glitch *classic/brazil*

    Speed bugged *Reloaded*

    Speed not tracking properly *Reloaded*

    Servers didnt got fixed yet *classic/reloaded*

    Sets are not tracking *brazil*

    Make a better VFUN launcher *Launcher*

    halloween cosmetics has been in GP since 2 years ago *Reloaded*

    Premium items sometimes in nightmare mode keeps on the inventory equiped even when you dont have any premium pass *Reloaded*

    Rank icon/flag camo Glitch: after the 7 days of trial of this both items keeps on the account even when they are not on the inventory *Reloaded*

    Weapons after some time unsealed their time gets up to 7 to 30 to 90 1k to perm depending of the time you got on that time lets say your weapon unsealed is 30 and you kept it unsealed for like 7 days you get up to 7 days more or not works aswell with gears *Reloaded*

    Premium Upgrade materials dupo : you level up a rare weapon you dont like to 1+ you get 2+ weapon metals if you got your weapon level 6+ you get over 17 or 12 i dont remember tbh but that bug still on the game *Reloaded*

    Premium backpacks has no upgrade materials to level up/cant be upgraded *Reloaded*

    Friend list broken... for 3x or 4x time... *Reloaded*

    Thats all for now on this list part

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    I agree with you on the friend list. Had many that no longer play and I had notes from 2013. It was our history.