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  • Developer's Briefing #3

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    Greetings! This is the Combat Arms: Reloaded Development Team Manager.

    We have seen many of your valuable opinions through the ripple of the last development briefing. Although, we would like to answer all of the players’ opinion there are many things we need to consider.

    However, I would like to answer to some of them.

    First of all, the purpose of the developers briefing is for us to review the last month development in the game and to give you an insight to the content of our future plans and updates. However, because we received a lot of questions regarding our visions on the game that I talked about previously, I would like to answer this question first.

    We, as the development team, our vision is to make this game great so that every single match will be entertaining and a memorable one for every players and if possible make a short but intense battle in a massive battlefield.
    This may not be the best answer and you may have some doubts in your minds but we are hoping for your understanding that this is the only answer that we can give for now.

    Here are some of the answers to many of the miscellaneous opinions:

    • A similar item to the VIP Items (EM and SEM) are schedule to be released, but we are currently discussing on how we will exclude the features that make users over powered.

    • The previous controversial items such as Specialist Weapons will be released for PVE only.

    • We are aware that the GUI is causing much inconveniences so we plan to revise it step by step.

    • In the future, players will also be able to test armor capabilities like the weapons at the shooting range

    • There is a plan for Multi-Loadout for long term goals.
    Going back to the main purpose of the development briefing, we would like to apologize that it is taking longer than expected in bringing the Grading System for matchmaking as we are still testing this feature. However, because this system will be a key element of Combat Arms: Reloaded in the future, we believe that it must be tested thoroughly even if it takes a little longer.

    This might not get applied sooner like we wanted, we hope to apply it in the near future.
    On an important point regarding the match making system we mentioned last month, we believe it would be more meaningful to provide all users with tier compensation in order to improve the skill development of each mode.

    Therefore, we are currently producing 14 items in relation to the 14 modes, and the items created will be composed of 3 types of set items.

    To explain, if you achieve the first grade in the corresponding mode, you will be rewarded the item depending on the tier. Our players may feel that our efforts are lacking in results, however our Reloaded development team is doing our best around the clock to improve.

    I’d like to close this briefing with the hopes that someday, our game will become a lasting game to always be in your memory.

    We will always strive to bring a better game experience for everyone.

    Thank you.
    Combat Arms Operation Team

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    Originally posted by iwillkickyou View Post
    • The previous controversial items such as Specialist Weapons will be released for PVE only.
    Why? This goes directly against your previous statement of making the game "entertaining for every player". Do you guys even know what weapons / items were actually considered to be "controversial" by the community? Well obviously not otherwise you wouldn't make such nonsensical generalizations like "Specialist Weapons", question: was the Assault Crossbow considered to be "controversial" by anyone but you guys? What about the MINIGUN? The Legion is pretty much the same thing but better and yet no one ever complained about it. The only true controversial "Specialist Weapons" were the turret, the synapse scrambler and the medkit with the later one being only controversial in context of the "competitive" game modes. Limiting stuff like the turret and stun bullets to PvE based modes is one thing, I can get behind that even tho I think that there are much better solutions to the problem at hand but limiting gun diversity by cutting off everything that you guys perceive to be "controversial" regardless of whether or not it's actually true is nothing but idiocy.

    What's next? Wanna make the P90TR "PvE only" too cause there's a lot more "controversy" around this weapon then there is around some of the former specialist stuff. I really have to question how serious you guys take the whole thing, tell me: what's your fundamental opposition to implement comunity backed solutions like a decent weapon / item filter? It's like you guys just want to take the easy way out instead of actually improving the game for everyone. If you guys really care about user feedback and making the game "entertaining for every player" as much as you claim to do then why don't you put up a poll about this? Is it because you actually don't cause that's what it looks like at least in this regard.

    That being said Multi-Loadouts, GUI changes and the expansion of the shooting range are all great improvements to look forward to.

    Originally posted by iwillkickyou View Post
    Our players may feel that our efforts are lacking in results
    No, most people understand that good results might take awhile and that rushing things just to release a bug ridden product is not the way to go. What players feel you're lacking isn't the "results" but a clear vision for the future (thanks to how vague most of your statements are) and a broader understanding of the community(s) and what they actually want, on that note you guys don't even begin to understand the amount of problems which could be solved by increasing the customizability of custom rooms.
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      Here we return to my suggestion of the weapons specialist that certainly these of VALOFE have read and it has not imported anything, to the way I said they are not going to follow our suggestions because it's like talking to a person who from an ear comes the words and on the other, they go out. So I wonder why they do not do as we say? Do they want to make the game fun? Of course, in their thoughts, but we know that the game is becoming more and more NOIOSO. I repeat what I said in the suggestions section "if you do not do as we say, I the first I leave CA, then do not go crying that you will not be able to revive the game" The weapons of specialists only in PvE? what a colossal bullshit, if you do not want to close CA: Reloaded and you want to improve it follow our advice and not that you make your head