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  • Welcome!

    Welcome to the FWTR forums! <3

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    Hello Fellow Players!!


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      Hello Fellow Players!!


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        I have emailed customer support 4 times since the transfer. My account is Wabbbajack on the Pioneer server. I followed the transfer instructions and am still unable to log in. I receive no response to my requests.


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          A strange thing. I created a new account just to see if I could log in. Once I was able to access the Friends list, I looked up my account (Wabbbajack on Pioneer server) and it was able to find my account. Which it said was active 10 minutes ago


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            They did reply finally. Still waiting for them to resolve my issue but they have acknowledged my emails.


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              how do i register instead of just being "GUEST"?


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                Very disappointed after Valofe took over the service. The maintenance was far over the announced time, and now the weekly maintenance (eg. dark fortress, dimension gate, etc) seems to keep going on forever. It appears to me that Valofe is not prepared to take over the Fantasy War Tactic. The tweets on some of the settings after the switch-over also appears ridiculous to me.

                The only thing that I was grateful was that after the switch-over, I had no issue in logging in the game (with my google account) and accessed my character. However, it seems that a lot of the players have login problem or having account deleted.

                After spending 2 and half years in this game and spending more than USD500 (silly me), I think it is time for me to quit this game.


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                  Can we please get an update on the ''maintenance'' that keeps occuring in game? BoH, Dark Fortress, and the kraken expedition... Can't seem to use these features anymore. Will we still get our rewards?


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                    So ... since there is no way to create a topic at the moment. I will just leave this here. If you are done venting about things that are beyond your control,and are in a guild that is now dead because of all the mess, feel free to check out our guild..... StompinParty. We have survived the transfer with a few casualties, but not too bad. We are also usually in the top 20% or higher in Dark Fortress. (When it is up and working of course.) Guild Leader- Avenayle is on daily and will be checking guild requests regularly. JOIN GUILD - StompinParty


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                      If only I could log in. After nearly a week Customer Service replied to me with the user name and password that I have been trying to log in with since the transfer Still doesn't work.


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                        I don't feel that welcome on this forum cause I still can't create a forum ID.


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                          Why are you pissing me off. I know you need time to get everything right. But i had on guildmember who was playing after transfer and was fine. Now he all of a sudden cant login anymore. So its one **** up after another from you.

                          GET YOUR ACT TOGHETER AND FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Current problems:
                          -Login problems
                          - UP still messed up at least for me. I need an big as compensations or else. DId not get kraken scales reward and my ship auto sunk )
                          - You did it again to Guild Raid(you ****ed up my run and also from a lot of others)
                          - Guild raid because of **** up no rewards. Correct this asap.

                          Dont give me a standard reply.

                          No so kind regards!
                          Panty from Asia server.


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                            What's wrong with valofe!?

                            When I logged in after today announced maintenance end time, I had this during updating...."Incorrect patch information. Please delete all current data and update again.(11)"

                            Any advice for following action will be appreciated. Am I supposed to delete the App and reinstalled or what? How am I supposed to delete the patch information? Will I loss any items that I have saved up after deleting?


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                              Anyone having problem with the update after the maintenance? This game starts to piss me off.

                              I feel that Nexxon is very irresponsible to hand over the game to an incompetent company. Or is it their strategy to piss off all the old players and forcing them to quit because they cannot come out with new idea for the game?

                              By the way anyone notice that now FWTR wants to have access and manage your phone call (you will be asked during installation of the app)? I wander why?

                              From now, no way I am going to touch any products from Nexxon and Valofe. What a shame, my lord just turned lvl160 yesterday......