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    can't create forum account, and can't create topics without an acc. DEVS.


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      Screw up again!?

      After the maintenance, why the game says that there is an update but there isn't one in the google store?

      The scheduled maintenance for Nexon normally took about 4 hours and usually on time, but now Valofe took 6 hours and so far all exceeded the scheduled time. How much time does Valofe expect players to waste? Players do have other things to do, we do not sit around just waiting for the update.


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        Have Valofe received all the documentations for the game to conduct a proper scheduled maintenance?

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      Why the Dark Fortress is still under maintenance?? The game has already been down because of update maintenance for more then 6 hours today, and this is the result...........What is going on with Valofe? Is Valofe trying to destroy FWTR? Does Valofe really know how to manage a game? Can anyone in Valofe steps out and explain what they are trying to do besides patronizing the players?


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        ya. i think the dimensional breakthrough also screw up. the stage 1 opponent is already way too high.


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          why my record in battle of honour and dark fortress has been reset?


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            Is it only me or ...???
            After the latest update the game is lagged like hell. Basically every move the character made will take about minimum 3 to 4 seconds. It used to be quite smooth. My device is a Huawei P10, and I don't think my device is that low end isn't it?


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              Today is Sunday. Why can't I log in suddenly . I just logged half an hour ago and now I have this.
              "Server security verification failed. Closing the game now. error code:1501"


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                I can't login too


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