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Merry Ellandfel Riders! From Our Family to Yours~

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  • Merry Ellandfel Riders! From Our Family to Yours~

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    Celebration of Life Event, The Return of Damien Kaos and Cractus Guide

    Finally, it’s here, it is the Season of Joy, so Come one come to all little girls and boys.
    A story so great with no apparent blunder will cover your eyes with Life and Wonder.
    The Lovely Daveen, what a wonderful sight, A symbol of youth, joy, and might
    She comes with the joy that everyone needs, she comes bearing gifts for all with good deeds

    But the other side of things, and energy returns, an energy so strong, it makes your skin burn
    Seen with the hammer that darkness brings, He moves with an army of puppets in strings
    It’s not a pretty sight but Damien is Back, here to finish what his last visit lacked
    Talk to him if you dare, there’s no great loss, only the strong will wield the chaos

    The harbor is dark, it’s not what it seems, the waters ran red in the rivers and streams
    A Power so great a phantom comes with his might, it won’t be the same he will give you a fright
    Cactus is his name, the lord of the shadows, Destroyed worlds in his wake, from Castles to Meadows
    He came to micelles to harness the power, after he’s done, every person will cower

    There you have it, kids, the story of the three, it’s your choice to smile, accept or flee
    Daveen, Damien, and Cactus are the names, Midellas this season will never be the same
    There’s always a choice to celebrate Ellandfel, but what I told you here you should never tell
    So kids don’t you just stand and stare, Choose between Joy, Chaos, or Despair.


    - Celebration of New Life Event

    - The Return of Damien Kaos

    - Scarlet Harbor 9th Boss (Cractus)

    Enjoy the game during the holiodays!