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  • Depression

    Hey peeps,

    Gotta be real with you, depression sucks big time.

    It's not like I'm just moping around. It's more like everything's painted in shades of blah.

    Stuff I used to love? Can't muster up the energy to give a damn. It's like being stuck in this endless fog. And the worsta part?

    It makes you feel so damn alone, like you're in this pit and everyone else is just breezing by. Mornings are the worst, seriously, just dragging myself out of bed feels like climbing Everest. Trying to take it one day at a time, but damn, it's hard. Just spilling my guts here helps a bit. Thanks for bearing with me.

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    It was really sad to read your post. You seem to be completely lost and out of place. I am prone to depressions myself and sometimes I can't really get it why I start feeling so miserable out of the blue. My mother sent me to check out about qualified NY psychiatrists and I think I will do it. Because no group therapies worked for me, unfortunately.


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